Welcome! To the Secret of all secrets, the Ultra
Top Secret of the Universe! This secret is greater
than any other secret that has ever been
 discovered and known by any man!

Before you read about the Ultra Top Secret, you will need to know about >>
This bewildering deception will absolutely blow your mind! You will regret this! If you donít read this exposure! Discover how could such a worldwide deception occur and it is effecting you now! And all mankind!

Did you know that you are composed of trillions of atoms? And you have the potential to harness the universal energy within you to attain light energy? Presently, the potential to amass this atomic energy lies dormant in you.

You were born not to die, but to overcome mortal death by harnessing
your full atomic capabilities, while you are still alive and full of life. Free knowledge how to do this. Guaranteed results when you participate!

As I find a decline of virtue in this world, I shall raise up one individual to reinstate it. These are the days.
I am all that has been, is, and shall ever be! No mortal man has ever unveiled me, the mystical pervasive, permeating nature, contained within the ineffable unfathomable, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent atoms!

 You will regret this! If you don't read this entire secret exposure!
It concerns every person on earth! Inescapably!

Who are you? Why are you here on earth? What is your purpose in life?
Do you think that there is something you are doing is more important?
If you do, it is only your ego that does not exist, that is controlling your life.

Rise Up! Strange mystery of life! Who knows thy meaning and wondrous powers, that in thee find full play. Oh poor Soul, entangled in the chains of gross matter, where did you in this sleep wander? The distance that you journeyed in this mortal life is nothing compared to the distance you
soul-journeyed in the infinity; with your soul?

Ready or not! The long since forgotten time capsule is now upon you!
Please open it! You will find that omnia vincit amor, the Limitless Love still lights the universe, and makes everything possible!

Do you know how to add a cubit to your majestic, precious body?

Did You Know You Are A Magnificent Phenomenon Of Infinite Atomic Energy!

All matter, macrocosm - microcosm is a composite of infinite energy, which is nature and is composed of the same substance, omnipresent atoms, be it star, stone, fire, water, sand, tree, air, light, magnetism, electricity, woman, man, it possesses same properties. On a pinpoint of a needle there are millions of atoms. Therefore, atoms you are, trillions upon trillions! And the potential to harness these atoms in you is limitless, knowing no bounds!

Furthermore, there are perfect atoms that mankind is not aware of, waiting for you to harness within yourself! These perfect atoms have the capability to exchange, change and interchange the infinite plasma energy, the omnipotent, immortal life force from one atom to another to another, etc. The plasma of light energy is what perpetuates the incredible time, space, existence continuum in the constant, never-ending progressive nuclear evolution.

Since February 2, 1962, 52+ years: I have devoted all these years of research to bring you a new scientific breakthrough, of how to restore your biological atomic structure and the RNA DNA, to your original state of perfection, the perfect presence. The intricate secret discovery is arousing, appealing, incredible, shocking and beyond compare. Up to now, what I am about to reveal through these ultra top secrets has been hidden from the eyes of the world.

Here you shall learn that not only you need to add 1 cubit or 1 atomic element to your phenomenal, priceless body, but 144 cubits-elements, which will reinstate you to the perfect presence, to your original RNA DNA and perfect atomic structure. The RNA DNA in you is as old as no beginning nor end; older than the universe.

Why do you need all this secret knowledge to attain immortality? Because this solar system, earth, all mankind and you in it, are now traversing in the cosmic Milky Way to an ultra high frequency of the 4th dimension. In the incoming 4th dimension, there are no wars of any kind, terrorism, crime, poverty, insecurity, corruption, greed, deceit, hunger, no currency to enslave you, sickness, aging, death, etc. Also in the 4th dimension no mortal being can sustain a mortal body, prevent this or escape the transition from being a mortal to immortal. This is an immutable nuclear physics law, and no man can change it.

Here is my scientific breakthrough concerning Immortality, which presently is unknown, beyond mortal comprehension. Now the unknown, beyond mortal comprehension, is defined in a very simple understanding. The scientific breakthrough is XXenogenesis nuclear fusion, which means, spontaneous regeneration and transfiguration of the RNA DNA generations, thus the unique production of an organism that is altogether and permanently unlike the parent. And each of you can be the parent, the rare alchemist within your magnificent physical body. Pure love and XXenogenesis shall unlock priceless treasures and bring an intimate link with the supreme, universal, immortal life force, the source, creator, Spirit of God, the crystal clear light energy.

The Sanskrit word Christos came from the very ancient Indic language of Hinduism and the Vedas; when translated is: Christ. The Christ is not a man. It is a title, a degree such as a president. Therefore the proper usage of the term Christ is: Christ Apollonius or Apollonius the Christ, not Apollonius Christ. This should shed some light on how much the history of the word Christ is known. The world uses the word Christ incorrectly, because it does not know what is the Christ. This has nothing to do with any world religions.

What happens when XXenogenesis occurs in the mortal physical and spiritual body? The explanation is very well defined in this presentation. Although you will need to know what this word means: Christ. The word Christ is not a man. The word Christ is derived from the Sanskrit word Christos, which comes from the ancient Indic language of Hinduism and the Vedas. The word Christos or Christ means: Crystal clear light energy, which lies in abeyance in the nucleus of the atoms; within every woman and man. Here is a partial excerpt. Color red is from a quote, black are my inserts.

Joy is coming from the alchemist knows. Man has now become the alchemist, the parent to his Christ, within his body. At that moment he is reunited with the divine creator; hence belongs to eternity. He has become matter. He has changed forever and ever to the crystal clear immaculate nuclear light energy, the Christos, the Christ, whereby he is now permitted to eat from the tree of life the milk and honey manna, the food of the Gods. And each of you are the tree of life. How has he changed forever and ever? The XXenogenesis nuclear fusion change occurs in a twinkling of an eye, to a youthful being of about 22-25 year old. Everything is regenerated in the body, every atom, cell, organ, so that no sickness, aging or death is ever present. You become very radiant, full of life, limitless love and light. As stated in the oldest book on earth >>>

1 Corinthians 15:51. Behold! I will tell you a mystery. We shall not all die, implying many will die and many will not die for various reasons, and we shall not all be changed -
52. in a moment, in the twinkle of an eye, at the last trumpet
, for to conquer over death and become one of the Christs, man needs to add first the 144 cubits to his stature. For the trumpet shall sound, and the living dead, the self-elect who will conquer death shall rise incorruptible and we shall be changed through XXenogenesis spontaneous regeneration and transformation in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, to the nuclear energy light body of one of the Christs.

Here is an example in what my scientific discovery of immortality is liken unto. Xerography or present copier invention was conceived by Chester Carlson in 1937. The splendid Xerography invention was offered to more than 20 major corporations, among IBM, General Electric, Eastman Kodak and RCA. All of the corporations turned down the discovery, expressing what Carlson called "an enthusiastic lack of interest" and thereby passing up the great opportunity to manufacture what Fortune magazine would describe as "the most successful product ever marketed in America." As you can see, Carlson's discovery of the Copier, was indeed a commercial triumph.

Again the time has come that not only the major corporations, but all mankind, now have the opportunity to avail themselves individually, of the grandest scientific discovery of all times; since mortal beings came into existence on planet earth. Each of you now have the opportunity of your lifetime, to accept the discovery of how to become perfect and immortal. Or reject it!!!

This invigorating knowledge is full of revealing secrets, pertaining to the universal plasma light energy, health, power, life, love, sex, marriage, sound, light, immortality, holy grail endeavor, frequency, prophecies, Nostradamus, mythology, world religions, pathfinder Bible, Tanakh, secret teachings of all ages,  nuclear physics, thermodynamics, astrobiology, chemistry, power of the mind, power of healing, power of limitless love, etc. Also how to acquire and manifest the grandest flowing abundance of your fondest desires.

No money can buy this! Why? It is priceless! You could not afford to purchase it! Now revealed! It is Free to you! Yes All Free! The profound knowledge is Resplendent! Awesome! Superlative! Ancient! Mystical! Unknown to the mortal man! Come! Discover the infinite energy, the adventure of the true world and the ultimate secrets of life in you! It concerns everyone!

Please proceed onwards and judge for yourself! Guaranteed results from this undertaking. You are invited to something so extra special and inconceivable, that now you can't imagine! However >>

Unlearning Hurts! Why? Because it is a shocking perplexity to the ego!

From February 1962, in my work, you shall read how I decoded the mega ultra top secrets of the universe, the mystery of life and death. Death is not the goal of mankind. These mega ultra top secrets are greater than any government or anyone has ever had! These secrets come directly from the omnipresent, omniscient, omnificent, universal mind of the Spirit of God. This knowledge is not associated with any religion and is not a religion.

All questions have answers, even immortality. Thus the greatest mystery of life and death has no hidden answers from anyone, except each one hides it from himself, because of a mental inability to grasp it from the universal mind of the Spirit of God that is in the omnipresence. Where is this universal mind? It is within every omnipresent atom, including within magnificent you: That close!

What you are about to encounter in this most unknown exposť, concerns everyone on planet earth; regardless who you are! Whether you have just been born in this infinitesimal moment or are still conscious on your death bed with a comprehending mind, this profound secret revealment concerns everyone; inescapably! Please read on and you shall know the significant importance. Do not skip any pages or words. Ponder upon them, do not prejudge ahead of time, research them, prove them to yourself, evaluate them, meditate in silence on these secret pearls of wisdom.

Please do not let temper, pride, self importance, fear of humiliation stand in the way of your liberation, from being a prisoner of not knowing, sickness, aging, death and everything else that controls and binds you; to whatever.

Now after your evaluation, deliberation and favorable decision of what is now before you, I am requesting your help. Please inform everyone you can. Also, copy to your computer or CD or print these words of wisdom for a reason. The reason is, there are powers in the invisible dark world and the mortal world that can close down this Internet World Wide Website of www.144cubits.com without giving notice, and then where will you and all mankind be? In the same shoes where you are now; not knowing, groping, grumbling, probing in darkness. If this should happen, you are now armed and prepared to spread the exhilarating news from the time capsule that you opened, read, copied or printed. Even if this Internet Website is not closed down, you are requested to be a diplomatic courier; tell everyone what you know. Here is what shall happen from you being a messenger of this information.

Starting with 1 person which is you, you inform 1 other individual the 1st day to spread the electrifying news that is in this time capsule. Now we have 2 individuals. The 2nd day these 2 individuals spread the news to another 2. Now we have 4. The 3rd day these 4 individuals inform another 4. Now we have 8. Etc., etc. This method spreads like an uncontrolled fire. Here is the continuing mathematics commencing with only one person, one messenger:

Day Individuals Day Individuals Day Individuals
1 2 11 2,048 21 2,097,152
2 4 12 4,096 22 4,194,304
3 8 13 8,192 23 8,388,608
4 16 14 16,384 24 16,777,216
5 32 15 32,768 25 33,554,432
6 64 16 65,536 26 67,108,864
7 128 17 131,072 27 134,217,728
8 256 18 262,144 28 268,435,456
9 512 19 524,288 29 536,870,912
10 1,024 20 1,048,576 30 1,073,741,824

There are about 6 billion people in the world. Multiply the 30 day figure by 6 and every person shall have the message of your undertaking.

Did you know that one little ignited fire can burn over a billion trees in a forest? Therefore, each of you can be that light bearer that can light up the world consciousness; that is much overdue! Now is the time to convert darkness into universal light! Another way you can help is by promoting this website of www.144cubits.com on the Internet, such as: website links, rotators, classified ads, link exchange, bulletin boards, submit to search engines, calling cards, etc. Use your God given intellect and ingenuity in every which way you can. Thank you very much for helping out.

Before you shall commence going onwards with your alive inquisitive mind, perhaps you would be interested to read the very latest 2009 addition to this presentation. The latest: www.unlearninghurts.com has been combined to this website. Also: www.xxenogenesis.com. These websites are no longer mine.

This Internet World Wide Website of 144 Cubits, the time capsule is composed of over 80 documents for faster access. Please do not skip any pages or peek ahead of time. The complete learning begins from the beginning, and a very good place to start. If you are attempting to read and understand the mystery of life and death, and you are going about the system of pick and poke, here and there, selecting what you should read next, then it is doubtful that you will come to an intelligent understanding. Why? Because with your mortal mind you are up against the knowledge that is beyond your mortal comprehension. So the best way to comprehend what this is all about is to start from the beginning. It took many, many years to arrange the sequencing, so you could understand. Please start from here. Click on the following link:

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There are things in the universe that are too deep for mortal comprehension.

Time is the luxury you have been endowed with. Invest in it wisely.
Stop wasting time! Remember, donít forget: Unlearning Hurts!

I am the voice of the future! Bring me your Peace!

Please! Peace And Love On Earth!
And I Love You! Thank You

Limitless Love

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