The Book Of Life
For Immortal Life!

 Through The Adventurous Journey Of 

Immortality  Through

Book 1

And I Am That I Am, The Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnificent, Omnibus, Omnifarious, Invincible, Indivisible, Omnia Vincit Amor,
Divine Atom, The Hand Of God.

 Oh creator Spirit of God, how much longer will you hold me in the bonds
of death?
I am so tired of constantly dying again and again.

 No Mortal Man Has Ever Unveiled Me!



 1 Corinthians 13:10. But when that which is perfect has come,
then that which is imperfect will be done away with.

 And so it is, the time has come for the perfect, authentic, ancient, sacred knowledge, the truth to be revealed, understood and implemented in the
life of every person on earth. Therefore, the imperfect understanding,
the false belief system will be done away with.

Or in other words these words are saying, that whatever understanding
man has of God, and the purpose of humanity being here on earth,
it is erroneous, untrue, false, defective, imperfect.

 Whereas if the people of the earth had the true sacred knowledge,
mankind would have already evolved into the City of 4 Square, the
New Heaven, New Earth, the New Jerusalem. The City of 4 Square is
the ultra high frequency of the 4th dimension, where no mortal being
can exist in that frequency, only the perfect, immortal divine beings.

 Apocalypse 16:15. Behold! I, [the Christ] will come as a thief in the night.
Immortal will the man be who will watch and keep his garment,
physical-spiritual body
] lest he walk naked, [fruitless and cubitless]
they will see his shame. And he, [the Christ] assembled them
together in a
place that is called in Hebrew, the Armageddon [Anti-Christ
World War III;
which is now at hand and to be fought as prophesied].

The Armageddon
Anti-Christ World War III

Is Preventable
Thus Avoidable

Since this book was written in 1978 in a different format, now in May 2011,
 you have no time to fight the Armageddon World War III. Why? Because very
 shortly the solar system, planet earth and you in it will be immersed in the ultra
 high frequency of the 4th dimension, where the resonance will not allow you
 to exist in an imperfect mortal body.


Food For Expectation

 Before you shall commence, please contemplate these words.

And in the beginning there is a seed, which grows into a word, and from
the word a sentence, from a sentence a paragraph, from a paragraph a story.

 And there is a lot of dirt in the world, in many minds,
that can poison the greatest story ever told: XXenogenesis.

Please think ---- before you cast your stones.

 The Universe and the Bible are written in the language of the immutable laws
of nuclear physics. Without the passť-par-tout, the master key, it is humanly
impossible to interpret, understand and teach the sacred knowledge, the mystery
of life and death. Consequently, without the insight to the Akashic Records one
is wandering in darkness ensnared in the travails of a mortal and death.

 No mortal man has ever unveiled me!

 The man made fantasia falseness is for a moment, but the immutable laws
of nuclear physics, which govern the universe and the unadulterated,
immaculate, pristine truth, is for eternity.

 The mighty genie, the Spirit of God, the nuclear energy that is imprisoned within
the divine omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient atoms, which the father-son-mother nature has forged, when honorably released and harnessed within man, shall return humanity back to his original state of divinity, the Christos, the Christ.

 Thus the words of the Christ: And what I have done, became the Christ, the Christos, the pure crystal clear nuclear energy light, you can do the same. 

Therefore, that what you gaze upon with your inner eye and work
for it, you shall bring into manifestation. For that is the Law.

And I Am That I Am Limitless Love, the abundance, harmony, peace,
love, joy, the perfect equating equilibrium to the ultra high
frequency of the 4th Dimension, the City of 4 Square.

 Time is yours to invest. Spend it wisely.

 So Be It!  Amen!  Amen!

 And now the passť-par-tout, the master key >>>>>>

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If you know me, please don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me. And when I am ready, I shall reveal myself to the universe through the medium of Nuclear Evolution as the Christos, the coming of the Christ.

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