The Book Of Life
For Immortal Life!

 Through The Challenging Journey Of

Immortality Unveiled
 Book 2

Matter Mortal Soul-ar Seed        Antimatter Immortal Christ Lunar Germ Seed

First Death, Second Death, And The Promise Of A Redeemer From Death!

Genesis 3:15. I will cause an enmity, a nuclear separation between you and the
woman, between your seed and her seed, and he shall crush your head;
therefore you shall have to lie in wait for the heel, the Promised Redeemer
from death, the Psychophysical Christ Lunar Germ Seed of Immortality.

John 3:29. He who has the bride, the antimatter Christ Lunar Germ Seed fused,
united, married to the counterpart matter Soul-ar Seed within himself is the bride-
groom, the Christ to bring forth the RNA DNA Immune Hormone Substance - IHS.

In the above portrayal, the 2 Enmity Seeds are drawn magnetically together closer
and closer by the majestic power of Limitless Love, until they will endure the
XXenogenesis thermonuclear fusion marriage. Consequently, the 2 Enmity Seeds
become one substance, the one body of the Christ. Thus is the meaning of becoming the Promised Redeemer from death, the Coming of the Christ.

No Mortal Man Has Ever Unveiled Me



The Unveiling Of

The Ultra Top Secrets Of The Universe
The Light For The World

Immortality  Unveiled
Book 2

1 Corinthians 3:11. For no man can lay a different foundation other than that which is already laid by Mother Nature; referring to the procedure for fusing the 2 enmity seeds to one another, which is the Christ germ seed essence
of immortality, whereby through it, mortal man shall reunite himself to his
original state of Divinity
. ... Currently >>

The Obstacle To The Divine Restoration Is ---  Death!


The Christ Is Not A Man
A Sanskrit word from the ancient Indic language
of Hinduism and the Vedas; when translated is:

The Sanskrit word Christos means:
Crystal clear, pure, immaculate energy;
Crystal clear pure Nuclear Energy Light Body.

The inference to the crystal clear pure energy is to the nuclear
energy that is within the divinity of the omnipresent atoms.

Within the nucleus of every atom, there is a wondrous
brilliant liquid light, the non-consumable liquid fire,
more illuminating than a thousand suns. 

That is the kind of power that lies unharnessed within
the divinity of an atom, the crystal clear nuclear energy,
Christos, the Christ, the precious Milk and Honey
Manna, the miraculous ingredients of the Milky Way.

Within every woman and man lies the latent, dormant
omnipotent power of the
Christos, the Christ.

The Coming of the Christ, the Crystal Clear Light Body is in the
RNA DNA, in the flesh and blood of woman and man.



 Immortality  Unveiled

A divine atom is a lot like a snowflake. No two alike in the time,
space, existence continuum.  Why?  Because,

Each omnipresent atom transmits its own unique sound of music,
the music of the spheres. Through this, the atoms express all the
frequencies of the past, present, and the future.

 His Limitless Love Still Lights The World!

Oh Christmas Tree!  Oh Christmas Tree! You are the symbol of everlasting life, for you are an evergreen, the tree of life, decorated with the lights of the divine.

Oh Christmas Tree!  Oh Christmas Tree! You are the particles of every atom the holy trinity of God, the 144 protons, 144 antiprotons, 144 neutrons, 144 antineutron, 144 electrons, 144 antielectrons, ablaze in infinite time.

Oh Christmas Tree!  Oh Christmas Tree! You are the Fruits of the Vine, the Cornucopia Horn of Plenty endowed with the fruits of every kind, each different, unique, exquisite, priceless, majestic, magnificent and every word you can define; none two alike in all existence.

Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree! You are Cynthia the Celestial Lights of the Universe. You are also Acacia the Tree of Everlasting Life, the symbol of resurrection unto the immortal Life.

Thus remain with us forever and ever and ever the Limitless Love,
which lights the World! The Trinity!

Cynthia from Greek means: The Infinite Celestial Lights.
Acacia from Hebrew means: The Tree of Everlasting Life, symbolizing the resurrection from this mortal body to immortal existence.              

Matthew 7:14. Oh how narrow is the path, and how small is the door, which leads to the immortal life! And who will find this small door, and enter?

I found the key to the door and opened it once again. Allow me to take you to this door. And once you enter, the door of mortal life shall close behind you.

Consequently there is no way of ever opening this door again. It will shut tight, and death shall be no more!

From the ancient Egyptian Schools of Wisdom, this picture portrays on top of the head, a fish the coming of the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality, the promised redeemer from death to every woman and man.
The front page and the above illustration are from the Life magazine advertisement; about 1965. Above page, the illustration is from the Norcross Christmas card; about 1968.

In this book Immortality Unveiled, the names of actual people and places have been concealed; although there are factual names of people present.


Copyrights 1985 – 2000 – 2002 - 2004    4th Dimension


Immortality  Unveiled

What Is It All About? 

The following are excerpts from the book:

The Weeping Angel Prediction
By Michael X. Barton

 "It all started happening on April 11, 1961, and it happened to Richard Grave in Worthing, England. The photo below shows Richard holding a picture with a very remarkable phenomenon associated with it. It is called >>>

The First Christmas Morn

“This phenomenon has come to be known as 'The Weeping Angel Picture'.
The photo is from: The Reading Chronicle.

"Richard Grave moved into a house in 1961. He was clearing out some rubbish in the ga­rage left by the previous occupant, when he found an old Victorian print, an olegraph, framed in glass. Without examining the pic­ture, he placed it under his right arm and began walking toward the trash bin to dispose of it. 

"Suddenly, a most astonishing thing happened. A mystical Supernormal Being, apparently from another dimension, appeared in front of Richard in a flash of brilliant light, hence blocking his way.

"'I am he', said the Cosmic Visitor. As he reached out, his left hand touched the picture.  The glass on the picture shattered, and the mysterious being disappeared in a blaze of orange light. So intense was this light, Richard thrust his left arm upwards to shield his eyes, and his forearm was burned.

"Greatly upset, Richard carried the picture back into the house, set in on a side table, and put a dressing on the burned arm. Later his wife came home and saw the picture. It was dark, badly blistered, and only fit for the trash.  They placed the picture on the floor, to be disposed of later.

"About an hour later, Mrs. Grave looked at the picture again. She called out to Richard, 'My God, look at the picture!' Richard came, and to their amazement, the picture was no longer dark, but clear and the blisters were gone. It was as if some unseen hand restored the picture.

"Observing the picture closely, they noticed that it was the scene showing the Angels announcing the coming of the Christ to the shepherds. The picture was entitled, 'The First Christmas Morn'.

"Richard Grave had hoped that all of this was only some sort of a hallucination, a temporary upset that would soon be over. He and his wife even laughed at his original fright when the picture glass was first shattered by the 'Cosmic Visitor'. But on seeing the picture fully restored, his fears of the unknown began to return. Something strange was happening in his life.

"Wednesday April 12, 1961. The mysterious being made another dramatic appearance. The picture had then been placed in a different room and was laying face upwards on top of a trunk. During the course of the day, Richard had an occasion to enter the room where the picture was. As he opened the door, he saw something quite incredible!

"Hovering above the picture, was the same being he had encountered in such a startling manner the day before! Richard was terrified.  He slammed shut the door and dashed through the house to find his wife. When she entered the room with him, she saw nothing except the restored picture. She didn't see the being hovering above the picture. But that Cosmic Being was still there, and he was plainly visible to Richard!

"Friday April 14.  Mrs. Grave noticed water accumulating on the floor where the picture stood. Richard placed the picture by the fireplace for it to dry. It was then that they realized that the water was coming from the face of an Angel in the picture. 'The Angel was Weeping'.  The weeping continued, in spite of the fact that the picture was left in front of the fireplace for several hours.

"To see how much the Angel was weeping, a pail was placed under the picture. Within two days, the pail was filled. There were other individuals who came and actually witnessed the weeping of the Angel. Some even tasted the water, and it was salty. Intermittently, the weeping continued, sometimes only a few drops, and other times the Angel would weep for hours.

A number of the witnesses were willing to sign sworn affidavits attesting to the fact that - in the actual presence - the Angel was weeping in the amazing picture.

Soon the story of, 'The Weeping Angel' appeared in the Psychic News.

"May 4, 1961. A woman of deep spiritual insight and keen mentality, by the name of Liebie Pugh, saw the story in the Psychic News.  She wrote to Richard Grave for permission to visit him. On May 6th, she went to visit him. From that point on, Liebie Pugh -- sensing the vast importance of Richard's amazing encounter, began keeping a written account of all the phases of the phenomenon, including each contact Richard had with the Cosmic Visitor. Richard refers to the Cosmic Visitor as the Master.

"During these visits, which may last anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours, the Master dictates messages or instructions to Richard, who in turn types them. After first checking the typed messages with the Master, he then gives them to Liebie Pugh for general distribution.

"Richard Grave has no religious background or experience in this matter. And this being who appears to him, and makes these tremendous statements says nothing which associates him, or his plan in any way with any religion in the world, nor does he attempt to convert anyone to any religion.

'Rather he tells everyone to follow only what is truth to them, until they are ready for the next step in their unfoldment; which is inevitable; since mankind is awakening. Also, this Cos­mic Visitor urges all mankind to follow only what reflects love and truth to them. In his plans he does not relate only to the planet earth or to mankind, but always refers to the universe. The question is often asked >>>

'What is it all about?'

"It is about a Supernormal Being who tells us that he is the truth, the light and the all, throughout the universe; and that he has been appearing, walking, talking on this earth since April, 1961.

"His appearance is as solid and normal as anyone's, and his voice is equally normal. Presently, he appears only to Richard Grave, whom he refers to as his instrument. The being dictates to Richard what he wished mankind to know, and Richard types everything on a typewriter, then gives it to Liebie Pugh for distribution.

"Through this method the being eliminates the interference of any human mind. He calls this contact the New Direct Link. His sojourn with Richard and associates has been accompanied by numerous wonders, which appear to be given as evidence of the unique power of the being operating among them.

"Though presently, he only appears in this objective form to Richard Grave. He is also seen and heard in many ways by many individuals all around the world.

"Without giving any date, the cosmic being has stated that he will reveal himself to the universe through the medium of >>>

'Nuclear Evolution'

"This phenomenon of the Weeping Angel has a purpose. It is to attract the attention of hu­manity to that which is to take place in our world soon. A changeover is predicted by this being. He has stated that there will be many throughout the world who will receive their own confirmation of this. 

"The most essential thing now is that we learn to know more about ourselves. You need not go anywhere. Only turn inwards in stillness and discover that about yourself which will give you a real satisfaction. The truth is, there is much more to you than you are now aware of.

"Ask yourself: What can I do to learn more about myself? This is how you can prepare the way for the New World.

"One evening in the half-light of the kitchen, Richard described how the Master appeared, and his whole-self seemed to be alight with a sharp but pleasing light. Richard went on --.  When the Master had finished talking to me, he placed his right arm around me, raised me and said,  'Walk to the door with me,' and we both walked to the front door.

"The Master opened the hall door while I opened the front door, and there stood a host of people thronging my path and garden. The Master stepped out among them and then he and the rest of the group disappeared together.

"May 3, 1963. A newspaper columnist, Helen Derek, wrote an exceptionally clear and vivid account of 'The Weeping Angel' story in her column. The article appeared in the 'Reading and Berkshire Chronicle'. Here is her account.

Tears That Flow From The Victorian Print
By Helen Derek

"One of the strangest public meetings I have ever attended was in Reading, California. Its full importance is hard to define. I don't think it is my task to try to do so. I'll tell you the facts, leave you to think about them on your own. If Richard Grave's story rings true, doubtless you will want to know more or wish to investigate personally. 

"Mr. Grave came to Reading at the invitation of the A.W.R.E. Society for Psychic Research, to talk about the remarkable picture in his possession, which apparently, shows an angel who is weeping real tears. Your immediate reaction to this may be perhaps to sneer. But bear in mind that hundreds have witnessed the weeping; that top representatives of various churches have accepted the phenomenon as genuine; that national newspapermen who went to scoff, left convinced.

"'The 'Weeping Angel of Worthing England' was, not unnaturally, 'hot news' of the day locally, then also nationally, as the television cameras went down to Worthing to record the strange phe­nomenon. It was made clear to viewers by the ITV spokesman that he had indeed seen the 'tears' fall from the face of the Angel."

The books, "Immortality Through XXeno­genesis and Immortality Unveiled" that are now before you, and "The Weeping Angel Prediction" are entwined in the same destiny.  Here are some of the messages from the Cosmic Being given to Richard Grave.

The Weeping Angel Prediction

"Ready or not, one thing seems sure, the progressive unveiling of the 4th dimension is going to dispel the great illusion veil for all mankind.

"This will be done through the medium of nuclear evolution.

"Some are already sensing the great mystical secret of the throbbing God power that dwells in the divinity of the atom.“ And since the omnipresent God is everything, everyplace, there is not a place, where the Spirit of God is not.

"And a brand new concept that of XXenogenesis will burst on the waiting consciousness of all mankind.

"This concept will concern itself with the unlocking of the divinity of the atoms of which you are constructed.

"It will emphasize motive, not the limited motive of mere survival, but the unlimited motive of spiritual nuclear evolution of the consciousness within the nucleus of the atom.

"The link necessary for the completion of my coming to the universe is vast and rather complex in its makeup. Those involved are being moved. Be prepared for surprises in the composition and the evidence they will be required to produce.

"The minds of certain mortals are fused with divine direction, the expressions of which may appear of man's own doing. Modern evolution is but a directive from my Father who governs all.

 "To effect my materialization, I require many instruments and this will create, to an extent, confusion; much deliberation is therefore necessary among my true followers so that they may tread wisely.

"There are many who are aware of my presence among them. They can do nothing to enhance my full manifestation except hold faith and proceed in their own light until I am ready. This will be part of the great universal revelation that will herald my coming.

"Your lives are but tracings made by your immortal selves in this film world.

"If I the universal Christ were to return in peace, no one would recognize me except my reincarnate, meaning, no one would recognize him except his re-incarnate, the counterpart of him, who is presently on earth in a physical body. The multitude will have to recognize me through a medium of might.

"The lifting of the veil means, the lifting of that veil which prevents complete universal sight, so allowing me fully to be perceived by all my universal units.

"It is becoming necessary for me to inter­fere with the scientific devices of men and halt their progress.

"I will intervene in many matters of science. I have not embarked on this procedure for the purpose of preventing the manifestation of any or all-scientific devel­opments.

"I can halt all matter at any time, without giving reason or warning.

"I am intent on bringing my earth plane to realize my very presence, by practical means best recognizable by man. 

"A great many scientists are aware of an energy that is influencing their thesis.

"All are regarding my influence as a challenge.  None will stop to reason until I have created a means for them to appreciate fully that their program, their life is limited in its entire objectivity.

"Have no thought towards the seeming confusion of others around you. All is in my universal plan. Although the time is opportune for a physical universal link to be formed among those inspired.

"It must be remembered that all must walk only in the light that reflects truth to them.

"No man can know the day or hour when my great universal revelation will be enacted. However, I must repeat, I will reveal myself to the universe through the medium of 'Nuclear Evolution'. This is my plan which is the absolute.

"A major world conflict will herald the last stages of the universal progress. In the meantime, general world conditions will show evidence of a leading up to the introduction of a nuclear device that will bring about the final human level episode.

"The major conflict I speak of will be between nations and it will be most sudden.

"A human press-button devise will be used and, simultaneously with the pressing of the button, instead of disaster, the universal revelation will occur."

What is a human-press button?

The Destiny Is Now In Your Hands!

What Shall It Be?

Disaster? Or XXenogenesis?


Each Second We Waste And Do Nothing It Becomes More Dangerous

As We Traverse Closer And Closer To The Ultra High Frequency Of The 4th Dimension And Beyond The Empyrean

 Equate your Equilibrium to an Ultra High Frequency before you enter!

Apocalypse 22:7. Behold! I am coming speedily. Immortal will he be who will observe these words that are written in the two books: Immortality Through XXenogenesis and Immortality Unveiled, the teachings of this scroll, which has been deciphered from the ancient key of the sacred knowledge, the Tanakh, the Holy Bible, and a precept here a precept there, a command here, a command there, a little bit here and a little bit there. Thus when assembled together shall give mankind the reason and purpose to reunite to the original divinity, into a light energy body.

In the flesh of every woman and man there is the divine RNA DNA essence for the resurrection from the first death.

Apocalypse 20:6. Immortal and holy will he be who shall have part in the resurrection from the first death! Over these the second death shall have no power.

Did you know that the second death will have no power over you when you shall overcome the atomic enmity?

1 Peter 1:23. For you can be reborn again, not from the corruptible seed ovum and sperm, but from the incorruptible seed, the psychophysical Christ germ seed of immortality, which lives and abides forever.

Apocalypse 1:1. The disclosure for the perfection of the Christos, which God gave to know, must be attained by humanity.
3. Immortal will he be who shall discern and they who shall learn from him the secrets of this teaching
, the uncorrupted sacred knowledge of XXenogenesis Unveiled, hence observe the precepts which are written in it; for the time is at hand.

Apocalypse 2:4. But I have this accusation against you, you have left your first love. Remember therefore why you have fallen; thus reform, and return to your first love; or else I will come to you and I will remove your lamp-stand out of your place.

The metaphor is: Return to your first original limitless love, in order to reinstate your divinity. What is the first love? And why did you fall from your divinity? You refused to engage in limitless XXenogenesis love, thus you did not exchange, change and interchanged the nourishing nuclear energy milk and honey manna amongst the divine beings.

As a result you fell, and created an atomic enmity in your atomic structure. Now if you will refuse to return to the first love, I, the God who is within you, will remove the Spirit, the soul, the atomic light out of your physical-spiritual body, hence bring the carbon 666 2nd deaths upon you again and again.

What you are about to read in this book, bear in mind that the names of actual people and places have been changed for a purpose. Although there are factual names of people used when they are deceased.

> Immortality  Unveiled <

All Questions Have Answers Even Immortality

Thus the greatest of all secrets, the mystery of life and death has no hidden answers from anyone, except each one hides it from himself, because of a mental inability to grasp it from the universal mind of God.

What you are about to read is an account which led to the writing of the 2 books:

Immortality Through XXenogenesis
Immortality Unveiled

Since February 2, 1962, Jason has been accessing the sacred knowledge from the universal mind of God as well as reading the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are known as the Book of God's Remembrance.

August  1962

In a vision of the night, Jason, observing from above, saw his lifeless body held in the arms and lap of his wife Ujena, while she was sitting. He was nude, except for a white sheet, which covered his loins.

Darkness was upon the earth, except for these two who were engulfed in a slowly expanding ball of light. There were countless of people witnessing this event.

Suddenly a beautiful celestial woman materialized behind them. She was standing very tall, perhaps twenty feet in height.

The woman was clothed with the sun, and the moon was under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.

As the woman began speaking, Jason's lifeless body began vibrating, and a life giving essence was streaming into him. The woman said:

"Because you have searched for a purpose and a reason for everything in all existence, and you have not left one leaf or one stone unturned, I shall give you four words with which you will know what to do."

Within the few fleeting moments she spoke, his body already had regained sufficient energy to enable him to open his right eye very slightly and gaze upon Ujena and the woman with love and admiration. As the celestial woman began speaking the four words, he simultaneously spoke them with her because he knew them also. And the woman said: "The four words are:

"Equate Equilibrium High Frequency"

Then the woman sang a song for the people of the planet earth. As she was singing his body vibrated faster and faster, the heartbeat raced and he was filled with ecstasy. Upon hearing the words of the song his entire body was immersed in blissful happiness. Being overpowered with emotions, he cried with joy because he understood the meaning and the significance of what had transpired.

At that moment the vision, ended with him still crying. The bedroom was illuminated by a light emanating from Jason. An unusual hum, almost like that of electricity, issued from his vibrating body. Ujena was sitting on the bed with her back against a most uncomfortable bookcase; which normally she would not sit in such a discomforting position.

In her arms, on her lap Jason lay nude with only a white sheet covering his loins. His pajamas were lying on the bed. How did they get there? since prior to this event he was wearing them? Who placed Jason in that position!? Who laid out his body in that manner!? Where did the sound and light that filled the room come from!? This occurred about 2:00 AM!

A few days later, while driving in my car, I heard over the radio, Jane Morgan sing the song I heard in my dream vision. Before that time I never heard the song. Here are the words to the song:

They Didn't Believe Me

And when I told them how wonderful you are,
They didn't believe me. They didn't believe me!
Your lips, your eyes, your curly hair,
Are in a class beyond compare,
You're the lovliest thing that one could see!
And when I tell them,
And I cert'nly am goin' to tell them,
That I'm the girl whose boy one day you'll be.
They'll never believe me. They'll never believe me.
That from this great big world you've chosen me!

I called this: Pietà vision. It is only symbolical and my early stage of awakening to my mission in August 1962. As I was still a Catholic in those days, that is how it was shown to me so I would understand. Most people never heard of the word Pietà. Pietà is the painting or a sculpture of Mary holding and mourning over the dead body of the Christ. Michelangelo Buonarroti sculptured the life size famous Pietà in marble. The Pietà was carved in 1499, when the sculptor Michelangelo was 24 years old. The marble carving Pietà is now in the Vatican.

September 1963
Jason's First Encounter Of The
Psychic World!

Jason and his wife Ujena, invited several friends to a party which was at his house. One of the friends brought over their friends which Jason never knew them before

At the party, the new friend Lucille Kirk made a remark to Jason, I see you are experiencing revelations! Jason came back and said. What is that? So Lucille said, Jason can you and Ujena come and talk with me privately in another room? The house was big, so they did.

Prior to the private conversation, Jason did not know that Lucille Kirk is a clairvoyant and a psychic. Here is the message Lucille related to Ujena first, then to Jason.

Ujena, what this man knows and what was revealed to him, if he were to disclose these revelations to mankind, some people would faint, while others would die of fright right on the spot.

A sudden chill went right through Jason, goose pimples all over, hair stood up on his arms. His eyes piercing at Lucille. Ears and mind ready for more. Deep in his mind, he said: What!? This woman is reading my mind! Lucille proceeded.

Jason, you have just awakened to your soul mission. You are now like an infant. As you grow in the light and cosmic wisdom, the day will come when you will accomplish something great for the benefit of all mankind.

You are the expected one, the leader and forerunner, and you are to be a teacher of mankind. When you will attain the goal and have done what you have come to do, then you will teach mankind how to accomplish the same.

With this accomplishment, you will be very much in demand all over the world. You will travel the world and teach man. And in the years to come, there will not be a place on earth that you will not travel to and visit.

Jason laughed, and said. Lucille I have a business to attend to. I don't think I'll find the time to travel the world. Lucille laughed and said.

All that will change in your life so immensely, that now you can't imagine. Furthermore, a time will come when you will have a most unusual means of conveyance.

April  1965

Shirley Merritt and her sister Collette came to Jason's place of business. They brought him an assortment of messages from Talitha of the Solar Center, in USA. They became very good friends. Here is one of the messages. 

The following informative message was channeled through Talitha of the Solar Center, in USA. She is a psychic, prophet, channel and Akashic Reader.

E=MC2 - Einstein's Theory of Relativity

October 25, 1960. "Einstein could not find minds equal to his understanding who were willing to go along with this concept. It will be known and explored within 5 to 15 years, and it will be his theories from which the new age works will be based on."

As you will read the books, "Immortality Through XXenogenesis and Immortality Unveiled", you will know how the E=MC2 law of conservation of mass and energy is used within each individual for the purpose of attaining immortality and entering the 4th Dimension.

Beyond The Speed Of Light

At this time there is something mankind should know, before we go on further. Infinity is a long span of incomprehensible time. And in that span of time, civilizations came into being and exist in various forms, bodies and heights of evolution. Some are so highly evolved, that they are beyond our concept of mortal life; as well as there are others.

Also, these extraterrestrial beings travel in spacecraft, [also known as UFOs], beyond the speed of light. There are several kinds of space beings.

There is the one kind of celestial divine beings, which once before you were one of them. And these divine beings are of the highest character and integrity, and presently are here in this solar system to assist mankind in the transition from the mortal 3rd dimension to the immortal 4th Dimension.

These are the days, the time you are living in; and it will happen suddenly, without any warning. Why suddenly? Because this solar system, including planet earth is traversing in the cosmic space into the 4th Dimension. It is part of the natural cosmic cycle of Nuclear Evolution. And no man can prevent this.

There is absolutely nothing to fear.

The Unscrupulous Beings

Furthermore man should also know this; there are the other kind of space beings, the dark forces. These dark forces are not of the highest caliber, as they are interested in operating in the universe with chaos, thus are involved in the involuntary abductions of people and other unscrupulous foul play.

Likewise, these dark forces are interested in the continuance of man being an ignorant slave to them, like he has been for millions of years. Why not? Since the mortal man is an easy prey to them.

Mankind does not realize what a controlled slave he has been to these counterfeit, deceptive, misleading, phony gods he has been worshipping and serving so foolishly. But the time is here now, when all these things shall come to an end.


Before we shall go onward, you need to know this. Whenever a channel is bringing forth a message from another dimension, world, being, etc, that does not necessarily mean that the channel understands the message. Throughout this book there are diverse examples of messages channeled for Jason.

May 1, 1965
Jason Meets Talitha; the first time.
And the Staff Member of the Solar Center

"It was revealed to me (Talitha), that you Jason, are a key scientist, with a scientific team represented in the cosmic universe. Before reincarnating here on earth, you trained this scientific group of yours, on how to bring about the method for the electromagnetic, divine nuclear energy power, as it operates in the physical body of man.

"This also relates to the transition of mankind and the planet earth from the 3rd dimension to the 4th Dimension.

"You then reincarnated here on earth in a physical mortal body just like everyone else does. The group of scientists that you trained will remain above and work with you, in such a manner as a sea diver descends to the depths of the ocean for exploration.

"Only in this case you descended to the depths of the mortal world to also train and teach the mortal man, as it relates to the electromagnetic energy operation in the physical body of mankind. Although you are in charge of the expedition above as well as here on earth, they in a sense must be in charge over you, because they can see everything and sense over a broader scope.

"Earth is a very difficult place to operate in, because the consciousness of man is not focused upon his divine attainment. That is why this method of you coming to earth you have chosen, as it will suit the best way to express what has to be accomplished.

"The universal method and the worship of the one and only Spirit of God of the universe is performed through the exchanging of the divine energy with one another.

"The worship of God in the universe is so far advanced when compared to anything you can interpret on earth, that this would seem irreligious to the people of this planet earth.

"There is no ritual, or childish misconceptions in the worship of the Spirit of God in the higher realms of existence, since God is nuclear energy and power, and it is used in the most advanced and natural form.

"(The ritual and childish worship of God refers to the way mortal man worships God on earth. Worshipping God through rituals and going to a place or a building to worship, is not the way to worship God. That kind of worship is a childish misconception of God.)

"The time will come when you (Jason) will be able to prove through scientific application and demonstration that the parables and spiritual teachings underlying all religious are immutable laws of nature.

"One of the reasons that you are so interested in the spacecraft is, because the space beings, the group of scientists that you trained use their spacecraft to beam down their frequency, to make contact with you.

"You will be a doorway or means through which many of the inventions and inventors will be attracted, which will be for the benefit of all mankind. Do not be impatient for the things that you have come to do. The beginning has only been unfolded, a stimulus in you. You will have a very active, busy scheduled life, as much as 35 to 40 years of very intensive, concentrated, unbroken activity.

"The marriage between Ujena and you was part of the plan for your life unfoldment. It is for a much needed balanced polarity."


John 4:21 The Christ said: The hour is coming when neither on the mountain nor in Jerusalem will man worship the Father. These words are saying, man does not need to go to any church, temple, mosque or any place to worship the divine creator. Why? Because the Spirit of God dwells within every woman and man, in the divinity of every atom of your priceless, magnificent physical-spiritual body.
22. You
mankind worship what you do not know. I worship what I know, which is the Spirit of God and in truth.
23. But the time is coming and is here now, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father as Spirit, and in truth; for the Father desires to be worshipped only in this manner.
Please never forget. The divine creator is the Spirit of God. Therefore the creator can be worshipped only, as Spirit.
24. For God is Spirit, and they who worship him must worship God as Spirit and in truth.

Spirit means to whirl, twist, spiral, coil, pulsate to and fro like the cosmic hissing electrons-antielectrons, serpents which encompass the spiritual atom. And the faster is the speed of the spiraling electrons around the nucleus, the nuclear reactor of the atom, the greater is the life force, the animation, vibration and the higher is the frequency the atom will possess.

August 22 1965

"Talitha revealed she was overshadowed by the divine self presence of Jason, the I Am presence whose name is San Cha.

"In a universal sign language, San Cha revealed to me (Talitha) his sign, which will mean something to you (Jason). The symbol is: the first two fingers held upwards in a parallel position, with the thumb crossing over them, or two parallel lines with a diagonal one crossing over them. The significance of this was not given to me.

"The sign that was described formed the symbol Jason used when he wrote out the word XXenogenesis. It is the symbol of the dual cross; one cross is right side up, the other is an upside down cross. In later years >>>

"it was revealed to Jason that this symbol represents the cosmic crucifixion, or criss+cross+ing of matter with antimatter, or criss+cross+ing the mortal with immortal existence.  

"I (Talitha) asked for further information and if I could see the visualization of San Cha. The over­shadowing by San Cha that occurred was so powerful that he actually manipulated my facial structure, and anyone who was observing me, would have seen my mouth coming to a puckering, as if drawing something inwardly with my mouth, with the lips.

"Yes, as if drawing with my mouth, a kiss with power. The mouth is very much drawn in, like when kissing. I do not know what this means, nor do I under­stand these messages."

When Jason heard these profound messages, plus Talitha's manipulated facial expression, he knew what all that meant, because prior to these confirming messages, he saw all that and a lot more in his visions from 1962 and on.

San Cha is Sanskrit and it means:

San: The universal seed essence from the sun, the golden seed, the I am principal.

Cha: To move, transmit, exchange the divine nuclear energy, the milk and honey manna from one being to another being.

In the following message, keep in mind that presently there is an atomic enmity, a nuclear separation between you the mortal self, and the counterpart of you, the immortal God or the divine Christ self. Related in Genesis 3:15.

Furthermore, throughout the message San Cha refers to "We". The we, represents the oneness of the one universal mind of God. When you shall become one of the Christs and regain your divinity, all that is divine, God, is of one universal substance, the one quintessence.

Therefore when you will speak, because you will be of one mind and one body of the Christ, you will either say I or we; both are correct inferences: For the father and I are one. It is the same way an executive of a corporation speaks and refers to as, we.

The following discourse or channeled message was through Talitha. Here are the messages and her comments of the message.

"It was a vocal communication given by the Christ self San Cha, to the mortal self Jason. Although the discourse was given primarily for the use of his personal information, it also was destined for broadcast to all mankind on planet earth.

"Therefore, it is a message that is relayed to all of those who seek further information about and communion between their Christ self and their mortal self.

"In this respect, consider San Cha to be acting as spokesman for your Christ self and speaking to you, your mortal conscious awareness. In so doing there will result a personal Christ self communion, which will be richly rewarding, no matter what is your present level of spiritual awareness and activity." Here are some excerpts from the message.

September 3, 1965

I Am The Christ Self Speaking

"I am the higher consciousness, the Christ self San Cha, speaking in and through Talitha, for contact and contract purposes. You (Jason) have risen high into complex purposes and have risen to realize your own self-aspect. Our prime purpose is to bring forth the highest energy frequency into earth plane manifesta­tion.

"You must see this in a broad, and yet still as a single solitary challenge. Each individual, as I am in you, has a singular, unique, special purpose, part and participation in the grand whole complex of the Spiritual I am body of the Christ.

"Nothing more is expected, and nothing less is complete, than for you to give yourself the opportunity to fully express and to utilize that particular energy force and expression of con­sciousness which is in the I am self.

"Through the body, through the mind, and through the heart-soul dedication, we are endeavoring to express that Christ self manifestation now on earth.

"Though you in the mortal level, expect to undertake control and command of your Christ self expression, you have not yet experienced a high enough understanding of it to be the executor.

"Until the reversal from the mortal to the immortal has begun, you are in the position of receiving instruction and impression, instead of giving instructions.

"After you will have experienced the reversal of the mortal to immortal, you can impress upon the earth plane consciousness what has been received clearly and fully through the I am self. Through this, the contact will be established permanently on earth.

Point Of Contact Is Of Greatest Concern

"In and through this force field, we instill higher energy, and frequency modulation. By doing this through one, we anchor it and prepare for the reversal of all those in the auric vibratory contact with that one single individual. This influence will then manifest in an around a large area or circle, and eventually encompassing the entire world.

"By instilling conscious contact and anchoring this single energy field through one, we influence hundreds, thousands, even millions. But the point of contact is the point of greatest concern. And in that point of contact we concentrate our highest endeavors and put the individual through the most rigorous of training schedule.

"It is through this practice and endeavor that your immortality shall come into existence or manifested frequency. It is not an endeavor that can be forced.

"It is rather a process that must be individually realized through and by a series of endeavoring acts. Nevertheless, because of the raising of the frequency from the mortal to immortal, you must go through this process gradually.

"Also to be considered is the realization that you represent what is to be done throughout the earth by millions of souls. Now most of the people on earth are unconscious of their representative function.

"Each individual is a representative faculty and a vibratory rate, that can be anchored in the area or focal point where he is. It is not necessary for anyone to know who the individual is in the mortal, or how he is to be recognized in this role.

"However, we place you in the arena, to be absolutely, consciously, contacted and consciously contracted to the I am Christ self focal arrangement.

"Nothing taught outside of this original concept is of any value or of lasting permanence. But these are the permanent goals and purpose for which you have chosen to feed the earth plane consciousness.

"Works are valuable. But what is understood by the Christ self consciousness, is not always expressed in the physical dimension. Therefore, you are advised not to be so concerned with earth plane jobs you are involved in. [This referred to the Jason's extraordinary XYZ Enterprise. It was so advanced in the 1960s, that it was advertised as the year 2000 way of doing business.]

"Nevertheless you are to be concerned with the conscious communion with the Christ self, so that the reversal from the mortal to immortal existence will take place in and through the mortal vehicle, and be in operation though the earth plane frequency.

"Then when it happens, we may say, in all rightfulness, that the 4th Dimension is manifested in a 3rd Dimensional body, and thus raises the 3rd Dimensional vehicle to its proper 4th Dimensional frequency rate. It can only be thus. So seek this method, and not another. [Later, you shall read the outcome of these words.]

"It is more in the inner plane contact, conception and sleep instruction that words and ideas are portrayed. In meaning, I refer to this because you seem to feel that the outer word and its instruction can fully be brought forth. In this point you may be unenlightened, and it is for this that you must remain well and confident.

"Where there is word, explanation, instruction and mortal comprehension, the comprehension is limited to only a small part of the unfolding plan and still lacks comprehension of the total Christ self.

"No word can convey a full, true Spiritual principle, for it is without words or without definite form that the true Spiritual aspects and functions are totally conceived. This is without exception.

"This does not preclude the ability of man on the 3rd dimensional plane to bring about explanations, theories or scientific applications.

"But where a truth of Spiritual complexity is involved, no single explanation can ever fully cover its depth and scope. For in each person there is a slightly different key or note that will unfold that truth from within.

"The I am self contacts are undertaken in the sleep state. It is man's mortal misconception that his sleep state is only his subconscious or his mortal self-unfolding.

"When a seeker of truth has unfolded himself, and the Christ self has revealed itself to the conscious mind or mortal being, then the Christ self is able to work in and through him in the conscious or sleep state.

"In other words, you may experience the unfolding of the subconscious self, or the I am God within can control the vehicle through the sleep state, until the sleep state becomes the awakened, full conscious self. 

"You in the mortal consciousness have not yet fully arisen who and what the Christ self job function and responsibilities are at this level of your awakening.

"Are you yet ready for that in the mortal level? Naturally not (in 1965). Otherwise all would have been revealed through you, though there have been definite revealment of this in meditation and the revealing from within by sleep methods and so-called Christ intunement.

You Are Not Ready For This Reason

"You are not ready for this reason: the mortal vehicle has not yet undergone the reversal process. The I am God consciousness can only fully take control and desire its rightful due when the reversal trend is fully functioning. Then the Christ self-faculty can begin to reorder and recognize through various levels of consciousness what the total divine plan is.

"It is not so simple to state, because our function and the function of an entire cosmic procedure, is by no means outlined through any conscious mortal picturing or outline.

"It is to say this: one on earth cannot comprehend, in any degree, the total complexity of the spiritual functioning of the divine order of beings that challenges, controls and uplifts mortal man in his various roles and levels or degrees of comprehension and growth.

"Let it then be sufficient for you to realize that the functioning of your own Christ self and the responsibilities defined by the Christ self are more than can be used productively by your mortal consciousness, until the reversal to immortality has been established.

"I, the Christ self have not endeavored to give you in the mortal self, some of the answers which appear to be important to your mortal ways and functions.

"But that is not because we are out of tune with your searching and problems. It is because we are in tune and endeavor to answer what is specifically required at this time for our singular purpose in and through the mortal personality or individual role.

"Let this comprehension be satisfied, that we represent the I am Christ self within, which is at all times in conscious contact with all of that level of growth and development, that participates in this broad and unending divine plan. As already has been told to you, this is beyond expression or mortal explanations.

"Therefore, see this in its broad implications and keep the mortal self, in narrow confines of activity and generosity. Seek no more outwardly, but inwardly, for the role and the answer for which you have come to the planet earth.

"It is not all answered, it is not all broadcast; but through this broadcast can come all the answers required. Be not pressured, be not contrived or confused by events that will put you in the position of securing more than is adequate and necessary for the present level of participation in the total universal divine plan.

 I Am The Christ Self Within
"I Am the Christ self within. I am secure in the mortal self and divinely secure in the I am conscious self, or the body of the Christ creation. Be as one, as I am in self, with assurance that this is yours, and will be totally received and remembered by the conscious contact thru the contract. So be it! San Cha."

The following two messages were sent to Jason, several years later by his dear friend Shirley Merritt from USA. She has been a very dear friend all the years from 1965. In all these years she has sent him messages from various channels.

May 7, 1966 Afternoon

Excerpts from the Universal Link News Letter No. 31, from England. This message and the one following came from the Keeper of the Flame to Anthony Brooke and the group. It was channeled through Nellie and Edward Cain from the Spiritual Research Society, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The World Will Not Be Destroyed. It Is Just Coming Out Of Darkness

"Light and truth will descend among my people and all shall know that I live in their hearts and not in a far-off heaven. Yes, light comes to man in the change of world frequencies. The earth's frequency comes under the new cosmic influences.

"My light shall be evident to all those who have transmuted their body and mental frequencies to the Christ vibration; an enormous translation whereby old concepts yield to the realization of man's divine nature and God innate in all of creation. Flesh is the vehicle for Spirit and man is Spirit!

"Those who behold me in truth will be lifted into a wondrous world of expression.

"My world will not be destroyed. My world is merely being brought to new light! This is the great cosmic plan of progression as the earth likewise evolves. As the earth's vibrations are accelerated, earthman must be in accord with its vibration.

Man Cannot Exist In The Frequency Of The 4th Dimension Unless

"You understand that a being cannot inhabit a place or frequency which is not within its capacity to operate in."

"Equate Equilibrium High Frequency"

"So a new man is to be the inhabitant of the accelerated earth frequency, and as the earth's frequency increases, man's frequency must also increase, so that the earth shall be his habitation in harmony, peace and love.

A New Day Of Light And Love Dawns! 

"A new day of light and love dawns for man as he realizes the futility of war and hatred. A new age takes many years to usher in the complete change of frequency. As man is bombarded by these high frequency energies, he is uplifted by them.

"There is great work to do. Be of such light that, as it emanates from you, it impregnates the auras and force fields of all, that they may be made strong enough to accept these frequencies. See yourselves as intermediaries stabilizing the vibrations of those who are as yet unable to respond to the light.

"As you have been in direct contact with many of my lights, by your efforts, the links are forged together into a beautiful chain of light.

"Forever you are under the mantle of my love as we reveal to man his real origin, his nature and his destiny. I leave you with my love, my peace and my light. So be it!"

May 7, 1966 Evening

This message came in the evening of the same day from the Keeper of the Flame. It was channeled through Nellie and Edward Cain, from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

"A great revelation heralds my coming”

[The two books: Immortality Through XXenogenesis & Immortality Unveiled]

"I have come in many forms and guises, but they have all been one in Spirit. I ushered in the last age in the form and through the mind of the one called the Christ, depicting through him the unity of man with God.

"This is the time not of one Christ, but of many Christs, the universal Christ in the consciousness of man, as it will be revealed to man through his own resurrection.

"I shall not be the crucified Christ or the Christ which hangs upon a cross, for man will have stepped out of the materiality upon which he has been hung-up and stretched, to the unseeing of all of that which was divine within him.

"But he will have risen triumphantly in a glorious resurrection in the realization of his own divinity.

"When this has come to pass, a new day will have dawned, for man will know that he is divine, that he is eternal.  He will have transmuted all of that which is earthly into that which is heavenly.

The New Man Has Two Bodies In Which He Will Operate

"The new man has two bodies, the physical body and a resurrected spiritual body in which he will operate in the new cosmic frequencies, recognizing himself as a universal being, not limited to time, space, circumstances or old mental concepts. He will behold the glory of God in himself and in his fellowman. This great transmutation is the coming of the Christ.

"As the Christ, my mission was to plant in the hearts and minds of man the Christ concept and the seed of the Christ in man, the seed of immortality, revealing to him that which was potentially his to evolve into.

"In this new age the seed will grow until it becomes the flowering shrub, which will send forth its flowering and its fruit. There now comes to man the full flowering of the Christ awareness.

"But beloved ones, this is not the end. Beautiful as the flower is, it is not the ultimate in achievement, for the flower is only the nucleus for the fruit, which follows the flower.

"So, although you will behold a flowering of the Christed awareness, or Christ consciousness, in the hearts and minds of men, the fruit of that flowering will be my world in perfect harmony and beauty, love, peace and fulfillment. (Please ... Concentrate! and use your Imagination! on what the following words are revealing!)

When You Shall Take The Fruit Of The Vine
Into Your Physical Systems!

"Man will be so ripened in his Christ consciousness that he becomes that, of which one might partake, to be sustained and be fulfilled.

"For the fruit has but one purpose, that it might be consumed, digested, assimilated and transmuted into the life-giving properties.

"When you shall take the fruit of the vine into your physical systems, a marvelous process takes place, by which that fruit is assimilated, digested and transmuted into the blood stream of your bodies.

"This is, in miniature, the same thing which will happen, to my beloved children as you will partake of the fruitage of the Christ Spirit, the essence of immortality.

"As you will assimilate the Christ essence, digest it, and transmute it, it is absorbed into the bloodstream, creating, pulsating, fulfilling the life-force which becomes the motivation and fulfillment of the divine plan; which incorporates all of the universe and binds all together in oneness.

"Beloved, you then become the one body of the Christ, each fed, vitalized and sustained by the living life-stream of the Christ essence, in and through you, each sharing the sustenance and fulfillment of all.

"For as the Christ essence (the Immune Hormone Substance IHS of Immortality) courses through your blood, through your veins, it does not deny one organ or one cell, any of the sustenance which it must distill as the life-stream passes through it.

"When you are aware that you are all one in the divine cosmic body of the Christ, and that each of you may partake of the living stream of the Christ life essence, you will see the necessity for all to become aware of this.

"You will not deny anyone of my cells of life that life-giving essence of immortality. This means that you will give to all, irrespective of color, creed, race, or any other factor.

"You will realize that for the continued sustaining, growing and fulfilling of this great body, each must be equally imbued with the Christ essence, the immortal life stream of my being.

"This is the analogy of the flesh and blood of the Christ, not the animal sacrifice, not the blood shed upon the cross, as man has so misconceived.

"The true body of the Christ is as your body, being sustained, revitalized, regenerated, perfected and fulfilled by the flow of the blood stream through it.

"When my children become as one in the one body of the Christ, then my power, my Spirit, my light, my life and my love shall flow equally in and through all; with no restrictions, and all shall be united into the one body of my being.

"Many have embodied now for this purpose and many who will see the vision, will grasp the torch and help to spread the light. So that each of you shall be the light bearers. Each of you have come, that this great plan might be unfolded and fulfilled.

"As you go forward you must not only carry the light, you must be the light! For it is only what you are that speaks for you.

"It is not the words which you speak, it is that which you are which radiates and strikes the resonant chord in the hearts and minds of others.

"So if you would truly be my light bearers, you must be light in every area of your being, giving of yourself wholeheartedly to each and every troubled heart and mind and spreading your light even to those whom you do not know in a physical way.

"Beam my light through you, sending it forth as a blessing to all of mankind everywhere.

"When the great arms of love embrace all of humanity, then will my mission be accomplished. Then will the true fruit of the vine be mankind's to partake in loving brotherhood with all of my creation.

"My love, my light and my life in you is my sign unto you. Be vibrant with my life, my light and my love.  So be it!"

When Jason received the above messages from Shirley quite a few years later, he called Nellie Cain and asked her if she understood the above messages?

Nellie said: Of all the messages I have ever received, this one was the most concealed. I do not know what the full implication of these messages are. It is truly so.

If you will stop here for a moment and go back and reread what these words are revealing, you shall know what the forbidden fruit of the vine, the Christ germ seed essence of immortality is for.

January 16, 1967

In the vision of the night, Jason found himself in the presence of Celestial beings. He was conversing with them, and during the conversation, he came to the understanding that he should free himself from his gigantic XYZ business that he was involved in. Prior to this, he was contemplating, how is he going to do all the work that is required, and still operate his business?

Many times before this, he came to the conclusion that he should sell his business and free himself, but he hesitated, because he couldn't find the courage to take the next step.

So finally the go ahead that he needed came. In the vision he made up his mind that this time he is going to do it; sell his multi-million dollar business and forsake becoming a multi-millionaire, and most likely a billionaire, at the rate Jason was going.

As he was coming out of the vision, he knew that before the day would be over, he would receive a verbal communication and confirmation of his decision. Every major move that he has ever made, he had to have it confirmed in many ways, so that he was going to move in the right direction and not waste time, as time was precious and moving swiftly for him.

During the day he perked up his consciousness like a lion, which knows something is out there waiting for him. As the business day was nearing its end, Jason received a phone call and an invitation for that evening to hear a trance medium deliver messages. He accepted. 

This medium would go into a trance and certain beings from other worlds, realms or dimensions would speak through her. Jason never met the medium before, and he does not remember her name, although she was from Alamogordo, New Mexico. Here is the message Jason received.

"So be it! Now and forever more.  Prepare thy heart, for the days are short. Put down more and more of unnecessary distractions of the worldly kingdom of which you are no longer to be a part.

Put Down The Excess Baggage

"Put down the excess baggage (implying - dispose of the XYZ enterprise), that you may become truly the body of light, that can be raised up at the prescribed moment.

"It is not those that say they are righteous that are to be called, but those that have promised to enter into the Kingdom, in service, choosing citizenship. Let no man boast of this. Blessings go forth, and as the days draw closer, there will be more messages given.

"Step aside, and let the masses go their directions. Be not involved with those who deny the truth. Pray expectantly and await the Kingdom for which you are being prepared.

"Resolve that you remain true to your course, and find that within, which is the Staff of Life (the Super-substantial bread of everlasting life, the substance of the milk and honey manna). Hold fast to it, when you find it.

"(Please concentrate on these words for a moment. Later, you shall know what they mean.)

"Believe on your shepherd, who is leading you out of the valley of death. It is no longer a game or a business, as some have made it to be. It is one choice or the other, for it is about to take place in a greater way.

"From here on, it will move on rapidly, and you will not have time to waste. Believe on the words that have been given to you long ago.

"Thy soul within shall reveal the meaning of the writings (the Key to the Sacred Knowledge that are in the pathfinder Bible, the Akashic Records and the universal mind) that are preserved to this day.

"Blessings go with you, guardians walk beside you and assist you in these preparations.  Learn control, but let it come from the divine center. You will learn the difference as you practice it.

"Gather the strength from within and feel it welling through you. Gather the calmness, the stillness, and dwell on its uplifting.

"Control the orifice from within. Be aware of the presence of God in you and around you.  Be true to that which is within your soul.

"Go forth in peace and new faith, stronger than ever. You shall indeed need it.

"Let love fill thy heart and this will lift you and transcend many things, and enable you to help others to a greater extent.

"Live not for self, but for others in his name, bless you."

Upon hearing the confirmation what he expected, Jason took heed of the words, by discarding the excess baggage, his XYZ enterprise that he loved so much, and started by himself on a shoe string, with only $4,000 which he saved when he was in the Air Force.

Even From Australia They Came

In the days of his multi-million dollar XYZ enterprise, the only one of its kind ??? business, top executives and associates from large and small corporations would come from all over the United States, and as far away as Australia, to observe and study the operation.

Twice, one large National Corporation flew in 30 of their top executives on their own company plane.

The executives were amazed at what they saw. Jason created a future concept for the global business world and every day life; that would touch every facet of living. And it did.

This pilot store was the first of many to be located in cities across the United States. Each operation would be controlled from one central headquarters. At this time he was considering going public; meaning being listed on the stock market exchange.

Jason sought out the best patent attorneys, to patent his concept of doing business. But they told him, you can't patent the formula and the programs for business. And at that time, Bill Gates wasn't old enough to join forces with him, because this was in the 60s.

While attempting to sell his enterprise in 1967, numerous prospective buyers came and viewed his year 2000 concept of shopping. The comments ranged from, "You are way out in space, or you have created an out of this world concept, or you have created a monster". Each prospective buyer in the business Jason was involved in, lacked the courage and capacity and the foresight to see all the advanced concepts in shopping, he had created. It was really new-sprung, deviant in the 1960s.  

He patiently waited for an open-minded executive with foresight and vision to see the unlimited potential for the future. Buyer after buyer passed up the opportunity to purchase the most fantastic ???? operation in existence.

Since Jason was well aware of his divine mission, and the fact that time was being wasted waiting for and open-minded buyer, he then decided to dismantle his unique, most unusual merchandising displays, the ???? system and the entire enterprise.

Consequently, he sold all of the inventory, equipment and the real estate for only a small amount of what it was worth. Many friends and relatives thought it was foolish to give up all this for a spiritual pursuit.

But he took the ridicule and persecution from them (that he was crazy). Because deep inside of him he knew what he was going to do for all mankind; prove to man that no man needs to destroy his priceless magnificent body and surrender to death.

And if he could do it, so can everyone else, because he will teach everyone how to do it likewise. That was and still is the immense motivation force in him.

Why not? Since when he was in the business world, his life, his teachings and philosophy to his sales force and the co-workers always was, what you do to your fellowman, you also do it to yourself, only to a greater measure, and with an incomparable satisfaction.

That was, and still is, one of the best secrets of success in business and in everyday life. It works. For some of you who are not familiar with these words, they are the words from the Bible, the teachings of the Christ. "For what you do to the least of thee you also do unto yourself, only to a greater magnitude."

August 25, 1968

Excerpts from a spiritual intunement for Jason though Talitha, while sitting in a group meditation.

"Symbolism should be taken out of the current affairs of the life's unfoldment. All is being directed by the space brothers in charge of the guidance and protection of this life stream presently known as San Cha. Nothing is out of place. All is now going according to schedule, though much is behind schedule, as much as 6 to 8 months.

"But this has not been entirely his responsibility or flaw; rather it has been because others did not follow their proper intuition, and did not actually fill in their roles at the proper time.

"(This is in reference to the buyers who had a chance to participate unknowingly, and help out in the overall plan, by purchasing the XYZ enterprise. And also his fabulous home.)

"There has been much preliminary preparation to get the soul (Jason) to the point or place where he is now contemplating moving to (with his wife Ujena and his two sons, where the Solar Center is located in the USA). This has not been by chance or happenstance. It was prepared.

"If the soul (Jason) would not have followed the prepared route, obstacles would have been placed in such a way as to prevent him from making any major wrong moves.

"So be content that all is falling into place as it is, for it has been prepared in advance for this step in the development and participation in the divine plan.

"The past business experience (of Jason) was for a purpose. It is because this soul is to exercise much authority over similar projects in the future.

"You are a broadcasting beacon of light. You are a physical point of reference for the broadcasts that are sent to earth through you. Also through you, you broadcast your own light of understanding and love to others from a physical reference point.

"It is true that each son of God can contact any point of creation within his own universal part of divine mind; but there is such a thing as effectiveness from the actual physical point of location, where you reside and have the physical body equipment.

Jason Is A Counterpart Of Three Entities In Space

"This soul is a counterpart of three vehicles in space that are going to manifest here on earth for this purpose. This may not be published yet (in 1968), as there are hidden meanings to this.

"If his identity were to be revealed prematurely, undesired attention would be given to him.

"This soul and the purpose for which he came would be hampered by those not understanding, not receptive, not cooperative as yet, even amongst those so-called light groups who would not agree with this premise. So hold this to the self and the immediate associates.

"(The so-called light groups who would not agree with this premise, included themselves also, the Solar center. But they did know!)

"This soul (Jason) will learn much of the transmuting principles during his temporary stay in the ??? area, where he practiced this previously on Atlantis. The principles of the crystal and its transmutation, will at first be given in metaphysical terms, beyond the physical range of understanding and practice (which are the 2 books, Immortality Through XXenogenesis and Immortality Unveiled).

This Will Be For All Mankind!

"Then in time -- only at the proper time to be understood very plainly by the race of man.  This does not include Jason, because he will come into the Christ consciousness before it is given to mankind as a whole. This will be for the use and benefit of the race inhabiting the planet.

"The principle of the crystal and its transmuting forces cannot be given to mankind prematurely, because again this crystal information might possibly be misused as was done by the adverse individuals of Atlantis. These same souls, some of them highly spiritualized and evolved and cosmically balanced at present, are again on earth and some in the same area. These souls will come in contact with the Solar Center and particularly San Cha.

"Much information has been given through this channel (Talitha), and through several other channels to the soul (Jason) for his unfoldment. It is always best to confirm each step.

"Although no one channel is to be his information center, as he himself will rise into the consciousness of self-realization of the major functions and facilities in his life. It is wise to know that all things cannot be known through one instrument (one's own self and personality expression), or through any one single channel (outside source of information) either.

"This has been directed in thought control and transference through (Talitha) by the crew of spaceship associates (the scientists San Cha trained before reincarnating on earth). Consequently, they are connected with the counterpart on earth, Jason, our brother and coordinator of the project for the divine universal plan."

The principles of the crystal and its transmutation qualities, refers to the transmutation of the 144 atomic elements in mankind. This crystal information will also be used for the development of the carbon diamond philosopher's stone, the pineal gland within each individual.

Apocalypse 22:7. Behold I am coming speedily. Immortal will he be who will observe these words that are now revealed in these 2 books of immortality, the teachings of this scroll.

Luke 11:53. Woe unto you conventionalist. For you took away the key to the sacred knowledge, the overcoming of the enmity and conquering death, you have not entered yourself into the state of cosmic God perfection, the union with your divinity, and those who were entering, you have hindered.

Apocalypse 9:12. And he, the man who is to become the 1st Christ for this time has a name written which no man knows except himself.
13. And he is clothed in a garment that is filled with blood
, an analogy for the physical mortal body and his name is called, the Word of God, the unfoldment of the ancient sacred knowledge. These words are implying that the Christ will be one of the people of the earth, and no one will know who he is, until he reveals himself through the >>>>

And he is clothed in a garment that is filled with blood!
And he will reveal himself in the

>> Medium Of Nuclear Evolution <<

June 24, 1971

The following excerpts are from the 19-page soul-intunement for Jason through Talitha of the Solar Center.

"What is being given to me (Talitha) to understand is that the years of training, discipline, preparation and questioning have ended for you Jason.

"With what you just accomplished, you have closed that door behind you. Even if you wanted to go back, you can't. There is no way to go back. There is no way of opening that door ever. (As you read on, you shall know what this refers to.) You are going through the exchange of polarity. This has a very definite effect on your body, and on your coming into your higher Christ consciousness.

Mid January 1971
The Day Of 10 Days Of
Cosmic Crucifixion

"As to the 10 day period in the middle of January 1971, I am receiving is that someone on earth had to be willing to act as an instrument, a medium for the people of the planet earth.

"(During the transmission of this message, Talitha referred to the 10 day period, the experience Jason underwent in the middle of January 1971. Although she was not aware of what she was receiving, deep in the mind of Jason, he knew well that she was referring to his horrendous 10 Day Cosmic Crucifixion, which involved the criss-cross-ing of matter with antimatter in his physical-spiritual body. Let us continue.)

"By using one instrument (referring to his biological physical body), by one person, doing it in the name of the people of the earth, in the name of the Christ consciousness, and evolution of the entire Christ body, as it expresses through the physical mankind as a race, then much was accomplished.

"So you Jason acted as a focus, as a sacrifice, like a sacrificial lamb (who takes away the 1st original sin in the mortal world), in order to go through this (through the 10 Day Cosmic Crucifixion in 1971).

"You have completed all that you possibly could as an individual, in those 10 days in the middle of January, using your physical body, as an instrument, as an experimental laboratory; which you used for it for that purpose (the Cosmic Crucifixion). 

"Therefore, you have set forth in motion, the pattern in your life on earth, to allow yourself to be used as an instrument of God. Because of your higher evolvement on other planes and planets, you have now set in operation the 4th Dimensional frequency for your earth body to express this, and demonstrate it once again."


In the following message, the word Sananda is used, which is one of the names the Christ is known by in the universe. Jason was present as well as many others, and this was his first visit to the Solar Center in the USA.

The date of this message is not out of sequence of events, but if it were presented earlier, it would have little meaning. Sananda at that time requested that this message was not to be given to man at that time.

Upon hearing the message, Jason understood the message that sometime in the future, he was to experience what is in the following message; upon the anchoring of the Christ body into him.

The inference to the message is as if you meet yourself, face to face with another yourself, and the counterpart of you, enters into your body, and locks into you permanently at the point of contact.

In the vision of the night of August 1962, it was already then when Jason knew, he was the coming of the Christ. Here are excerpts from the earlier message of The Weeping Angel Prediction which are relevant to all this.

"If I, the universal Christ were to return in peace, no one would recognize me except my reincarnate"; the counterpart Jason. And that means no one except Jason. Why?

Because what man thinks the Christ will look like, he will have no resemblance what the pictures are of him on earth.

What you are about to read is only a partial experience of Jason’s 10 day cosmic crucifixion. Also at a later date everyone on earth, shall experience the following similar lighter effect in their physical-spiritual body, when the solar system, earth and mankind will transit in the cosmic space into the electromagnetic frequency cycle of the 4th Dimension.

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If you know me, please don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me. And when I am ready, I shall reveal myself to the universe through the medium of Nuclear Evolution as the Christos, the coming of the Christ.

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