Immortality Unveiled
Book 2 ~~ 3

What Is This All About?

The Great Passion Of the Christ

It Is 680 AD And
The Great Prostitution And Robbery Of Truth Occurs!


This is the great deception ~ in the entire world!

Luke 11:52. Woe unto you conventionalist. For you took away the key to the sacred knowledge, of how to overcome the enmity, conquer death and become the promised redeemer or the Christ. You have not entered yourself into the union, the Kingdom of God that is within every woman and man, and those who were entering, you have hindered.

It is about the Passion of the Christ. To do justice to yourself, please do not peek in what you are about to read. If you do, you will cheat yourself out of the pleasure of knowing, what the entire world will now know. The truth will hurt, because it is full of perplexity, nevertheless man must now know, The Inevitable Truth.

>>>> Prometheus <<<<

Prometheus: In Greek mythology, one of the Titans, known as the friend and benefactor of humanity, the son of the Titan Iapetus by the sea nymph Clymene or the Titaness Themis.

Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus were given the task of creating humanity from the clay and water of the earth, and the winds to breathe life into them. They were to provide the humans and all the animals on earth with the endowments they would need to survive.

Epimetheus, whose name means Afterthought, accordingly proceeded to bestow on the various animals gifts of courage, strength, swiftness, feathers, furs and other protective coverings.

When it came time to create a human being, who was to be superior to all other living creatures, Epimetheus found he had been so reckless with his endowments that he had nothing left to bestow.

He was now embarrassingly forced to ask his brother's help, and Prometheus, whose name means "Forethought", took over the task of creation.

To make humans superior to the animals, he fashioned them in nobler form and enabled them to walk upright. He then ascended up to the heaven and lit a torch with the fire from the sun. He then brought forth the liquid fire of the gods into the humans he created.

The gift of fire that Prometheus bestowed upon humanity was more valuable than any of the gifts the animals had received.

For in the liquid fire of the blazing sun, was the (nuclear energy, the) milk and honey manna, the ambrosia, the food of the immortal gods. And he, who shall eat of the liquid fire, shall become another immortal god.

Because of his actions, Prometheus incurred the punishment from the god Zeus. Not only did he steal the fire he gave to humans, but he also tricked the gods, so that they should get the worst parts of any animal sacrificed to them, and human beings the best.

In one pile, Prometheus arranged the edible parts of an ox in a hide and disguised them with a covering of entrails (intestines, the bowels, which are the worse parts of an animal). In the other pile, he placed the bones, which he covered with fat.

Zeus pointed out to Prometheus how badly he made the division. Prometheus desired Zeus to choose. Zeus chose the fat and became angry when he discovered that he was tricked.

Thereafter, only fat and bones were sacrificed to the gods. The good meat was kept for the mortals.

For Prometheus' transgressions, the giving of the liquid fire of the sun to the mortals, Zeus had him chained to a rock in the Caucasus.

Here he was constantly preyed upon by an eagle, which every day, or every third day, devoured his liver, the seat of sexual passion in man, which was restored again in the night.

Prometheus was thus exposed to perpetual torture, the same torture the humans are exposed to, when through sexual orgasms the liver, the seat of passion undergoes a progressive degeneration. Finally, Prometheus was freed by the hero Hercules, who slew the eagle.

In Athens Prometheus had a sanctuary in the Academy, from where a torch was lit and a torch race took place in his honor.

Till today the Olympic Games begin in the same fashion. A runner lights a torch from the fire source and runs with it. This is where the tradition originated from, Prometheus. There is more to this symbolism, in the Bible and in the Stars, but that will be for another time.

The above account of "Prometheus" came from my computer, Microsoft (R) Encarta, which is copyrighted by Microsoft Corporation and Funk & Wagnall's Corporation.

Also some inserts were used which came from very old books, over 100 years old. And now to make the story more intriguing and exciting, you must know something about >>>>>

>>>> Apollonius Of Tyana <<<<

Apollonius Tyanaeus, known as Apollonius Of Tyana, a known Pythagorean philosopher, was born in Tyana, around the beginning of the Christian era.

Much of his reputation was attributed to his magical or supernatural powers that parallels with the life and character of the Bible, known as Jesus of Nazareth.

Apollonius of Tyana was of noble ancestry, and founder of the city Tyana. At the age of fourteen, he was under the care of Euthydemus, a rhetorician of Tarsus; but being disgusted at the luxury of the inhabitants, he obtained leave of his father and instructor to retire to the neighboring town of Aegae. Here he studied the Platonic, Sceptic, Epicurean and Peripatetic philosophy.

He was sum­moned to Tyana, in the twentieth year upon his father's death. He returned to the discipline of Pythagoras, and for the next five years he discovered the secret truths from within.

At the end of the five years, he traveled in Asia Minor, going from city to city, disputing the teachings and interpretations of The Holy Scripture, known to man today as, The Bible, the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Testament means, the testimonial, the evidence and documentation, the unconditional, tangible proof of existence of the one and only God in man and the universe.

As you read about the travels of Paul in the New Testament of the Bible, these are the identical travels of Apollonius of Tyana.

As Apollonius or Paul traveled, his teachings were in very much contradiction to the rabbis, priests, lawyers, Pharisees, Sadducees and the people of that time. He couldn't see man living in ignorance, and therefore he set out as a teacher to reform the world.

Some believed he was the reincarnation of Prometheus, while others the reincarnation of the god Apollo. Prior to the 6th century, the name of Apollonius appeared in the New Testament of the Bible, instead of Apollos. And in the most recent time it is Paul. 

Apollonius of Tyana, the Paul of the Bible, was referred to in many different ways, according to the language or dialect of the countries he had visited. Sometimes being called Apollyon, Apollos, Apollo, Aplu, Paulinius, Paul or Pol.

Throughout his long years of travel, Apollonius acquired the power to heal the sick, cast out discarnate evil spirits, walk on water, manifest food, raise the dead within three days of death, dematerialize or disappear and then materialize, appear in a different place, transform his body to light energy, levitate, defy gravity, as in ascending to heaven, etc.

Apollonius’ of Tyana aim was to abolish the worship of idols, sacrifice of animals to false gods and paganism, the corruption that existed in the minds of the rabbis, priests, lawyers, Pharisees, Sadducees and the people of ignorance.

The above account and the following are extracted from several books that are over 100 years old.

And Now The Great Prostitution And Robbery Of The Truth Occurs!

And Till This Very Moment, It Is Still In Full Bloom!

But that is not going to last much longer!

“In 680 AD Constantinus Pogonatus presided at the Sixth AEcumenical Council, who was not even a priest. This was a meeting of the most prominent men, holding the highest positions (Bishops) in the Christian Church. At this time there was no Pope or Cardinals.

“And what was that Council assembled for? Simply because mankind had progressed to such an extent, that a change of base had become necessary in order to veil and conceal the Truth.

“Written upon ancient tombs in Egypt, Phoenicia, Greece and Rome, was the worship of the lamb, and it had become necessary to change this symbol, for man was advancing in his understanding, that no longer man should worship an animal; which in this case was the lamb.

“After much consideration, deliberation and debate, the council had finally adopted a religious symbol that was among the least known.

“It was the body of Prometheus dying on a cross, instead of upon a rock, which the council thought would disguise the origin of the truth.

“The body represented on the cross was that of Prometheus, the head and the face was that of Apollonius of Tyana. And from that time on, that symbol has been the badge of the Christian Church.

“There is an account of Constantinus Pogonatus in the Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography, and in the Mc Clintock and Strong's Cyclopaedia of Ecclesiastical Literature, from which the following excerpt is drawn. These are very old rare books, that the Libraries will not lend-out.

"Among the many symbols which the early Christians used to represent the Christ as the central object of their faith, the lamb was the most predominant.

"In the beginning of the sixth century the lamb bears a triumphal cross.

"Then the lamb is lying on the alter at the foot of the cross.

"Later, the lamb appears with blood flowing from inflicted wound in its side.

"And finally, by the end of the sixth century, a lamb is painted in the center of the cross, where the body of the Christ was later placed.

"On the celebrated, 'Cross of the Vatican', on which this lamb thus appears, are two busts of the Savior.

"The one bust which is above the Cross of the Vatican with the lamb, the Savior is holding a book in his left hand, and giving a benediction in the Latin manner with his right hand.

"On the bust that is below the Cross of the Vatican, the Savior holds a scroll in the right hand, and a little cross in the left hand.

"The Sixth AEcumenical Council requisitioned and issued a proclamation that from hencefor­ward, the Christ should be represented with his proper human body, rather than the symbol of the 'Paschal Lamb - the Agnus Dei'.

"And in the following century, Crucifixes came into prominence greatly throughout all the Christendom.

"The decision had evidently been prepared by several intermediate steps, by which the aversion and horror of death by the cross, though abolished as a mode of execution by Constantine, were gradually overcome in the minds of the Christian world.

“(Now that you know the story of Prometheus and Apollonius of Tyana, you can see why these two were selected to represent the Christ on the cross.)

“(As I stated various times in my writings, no one can overcome the enmity and conquer death by being nailed to the cross and giving up the Spirit of God unto death.)


“This picture of the lamb nailed to the cross represented the Christian symbol prior to 680 AD, though this fact is not generally known. This information and genuine Truth was purposely withheld from the people.

(Also on the cross which bears the lamb, there is no sign of INRI, as it would not be appropriate. On the 2nd cross which bears the body of Prometheus and the head and face of Apollonius of Tyana, Paul, a sign of INRI was instituted and thus affixed.)

 Crucified Lamb          Crucified Man

“At the Sixth AEcumenical Council held at Constantinople in 680 AD, it was ordained that in place of the lamb, the body of a man should be portrayed on the cross.

“This has been known and recognized since that time as the Christian symbol. After the decree of the council in 680 AD, the representation and worship of the lamb on the cross was prohibited, and that of a man was substituted in its place.

“By these items of historical facts, man must know at what period the story of the so-called crucifixion of the Christ was formulated.

“The decree of the council prohibiting the representation and worship of the lamb as the Christian symbol, as translated from Latin, is as follows:

"In certain representations of images of the saints, a lamb is portrayed, etc. We therefore, accepting the old forms and shadows as signs of the truth and as traditional symbols of the church, prefer Grace and Truth, which we accept as the fulfillment of the law.

"So, that which is perfect, let us place in pictures, even before the eyes of all. We have decreed that the lamb, which taketh away the sins of the world, Christ our God, ought to be portrayed henceforth, in human form, in place of the lamb."

The above excerpts are from the Roma Sotteranea of Antonio Bosio Dell, concerning the image of the Christ, under the figure of a lamb.

The Passover or Pascal Lamb or the Lamb of God which takes away the sins of the world, are symbols of the astrological sign of Aries, the lamb, which governs the pineal gland, the seat of the soul, the throne of God in mortal man, who is to remove the 1st original sin.

Let it be known to mankind that the Apollonius of Tyana is none other than the Paul of the New Testament, who wrote some of the Books in the New Testament, using all different personas, fictional characters.

Did you ever ask yourself how come Jesus never wrote anything in the Bible? Do you think he was some kind of a dummy that couldn't write?

The Christ is not a man and it means: Crystal clear nuclear light energy.

Apollonius or Paul wrote about how to become the Christ, and how man is to do likewise. For what I have done, became the Christ, all of you can do the same, and by doing so, greater things you shall do then I. That is what Paul meant when he wrote the above words.

Apollonius, Paul is the Christ of the Bible, not Jesus. The name Jesus is the persona, or the fictitious fabrication, which came about from the Egyptian Goddess Isis, which from Latin in Christian Church became "Iesous" or the "Iesous Hominum Salvator - IHS", translated from Latin to "Jesus Savior of Men", There are other versions that i will not get into now. 

In the years of Christianity, the powers that were, invented and concocted false stories about a fictitious character Jesus. Since they lost the key to the sacred knowledge of cosmic crucifixion, and none of them knew how to become a Christ, they went to work fabricating stories, which were not true.

Where do you think the Christian fathers came into possession for the crucifixion of the Christ? Here are some words from the Jewish Tanakh, so called the Old Testament, that should ring a bell in what you know, don't know and should know!

Psalms 21 or 22:2. My God! My God! Why have thou forsaken me?
16. My throat is dried up like baked clay, my tongue cleaves to my jaws; to death you have brought me down.
17. .... they have pierced my hands and my feet.
18. Then they divided my garments among them, and for my seamless vesture they cast lots.

Zechariah 11:12. I said to them: If it seems good to you, give me my wages; but if not, let it go. And they counted out my wages: Thirty pieces of silver.
13. But the Lord said: Give it in the treasury, the handsome price at which they value me. So I took the thirty pieces of silver and gave it into the treasury, in the house of the Lord.

Apollonius or Paul of the Bible is the Christ of the Bible. The evidence lies in his writings, which are prevalent in the Bible till this day.

Although, with the stroke of a pen on the papyrus by the foolish powers, mutilations and desecration of Paul's writing are prevalent and tampered with, thus lost; the sacred key to the knowledge of immortality.

Prior to the 15th century, the letter "J" was not in existence, so the letter "I" was used as in INRI on the cross, above a man who portrayed death by crucifixion, who died for all the sins of the world.

Except, if you study the Bible very carefully, there is one sin, the 1st original sin, which is never forgiven to man, unless he overcomes the atomic enmity and conquers death, while alive, not a dead corpse.

If Jesus died for all the sins, how come the greatest 1st original sin is still there? Not forgiven!  So is yours! Death! Alarming isn't it!?

The letters "INRI" translate to:

                 I  -- Iesous for, Jesus
                 N -- for, of Nazareth
                 R -- Rex for, King of the
                 I  -- Iews for, Jews

Thus, Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews

The name of Isis, which became camouflaged into the name of Jesus was forged from the secret mystical schools of Egypt, from the goddess Isis.

Isis from Mythology, the Celestial Virgin is an ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility, which brought to mankind the powers of regeneration unto immortality.

In the secret School of Wisdom in Egypt, the attempts were made to bring this knowledge to mankind, but it failed.

The Christ Is Not A Man

The quest for becoming the promised redeemer from death or the Christ and to take all of the humanity to the original state of divine perfection originated billions of years ago; after the fall of man. Even in the ancient Scripture, the Jewish people knew that any man could become the Christos or the promised redeemer from death. It was already known in the book of Genesis 3:15, concerning the promise of a redeemer. The writings were acquired from the ancient Egyptian Schools of Wisdom who knew of the coming of the promised redeemer, the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality to every woman and man, once the child reaches the age of sexual maturity.

Please refer to earlier page and observe the symbol of the promised redeemer, the Christ germ seed of immortality portrayed on top of the head of the Egyptian golden goddess.

Till this day no one was successful in accomplishing the "Ultimate" since the fall of man; which is, not only become the 1st Christ by the XXenogenesis thermonuclear fusion of the milk and honey manna, the Immune Hormone Substance of immortality into the body, but also have all of humanity become one of the Christs.

Consequently, evolve into the splendid ultra high frequency of the 4th Dimension, which is the original state of divine perfection. For that is the inevitable, gratifying, magnificent Nuclear Evolution.

The cosmic cycle, the window of opportunity is once again open and thus beckoning to all mankind, to avail themselves of the ancient sacred knowledge and the Immune Hormone Substance, which I am here to give, thus prepare all mankind for the glorious entrance, the resurrection and ascension to the 4th Dimension, the City of 4 Square, the New Heaven and New Earth, the New Jerusalem.

In the ancient times the caves and catacombs, were used for private assembly of the people, who have gathered together to learn the secrets of the universe, regarding how to become one of the Christs, the Christos and thus return home to the lost paradise of God; which once before every mortal being beheld.

The reason for the underground secrecy was to conceal from the ignorant, vulgar, profane, infidel, disinterested ones, the true worship of the Spirit of God. Here is a brief account and proof of the evidence from >>>

2 Machabees 6:11. And there were many that had met together privately in the caves that were near, and they gathered here to keep the laws of the Sabbath day, the laws of the Passover Sabbath, concerning the psychophysical Christ lunar germ seed of immortality, being discovered by Philip what they were doing, they were burnt with fire in the caves by him, because they made a conscience to help themselves with their hands, by reason of the observance of the day of Sabbath.
12. Now, I beseech those who shall read this book
, the Bible, that you will not be shocked at these things that were done in the caves. But consider these things not for the destruction of the body, the holy temple of God that is within, but for the regeneration and perfection of thyself, to become the divine promised redeemer, Christos or the Christ.

In the ancient Schools of Wisdom, the concept of the conservation of nuclear energy through XXenogenesis was not fully understood by those who were involved. Therefore, as you read the Bible they were attempting to do it by themselves, with their hands, as women were not allowed to participate. The women were treated as undesirable, thus excluded.

Consequently, because of the exclusion of women, no one was ever successful in bringing forth the complete ramification of what the implications are in becoming one of the Christs, thus a divine being.

XXenogenesis cannot be accomplished by yourself. You need a counterpart of the opposite sex, a lover, one that you truly love, as in my case Ujena, my full of love radiant wife; my very rare come by, twin soul.

The above quote from the Bible is in reference how man was attempting to fuse the promised redeemer, the Christ germ seed of immortality by himself, to himself.

This is in reference prior to the 10-day cosmic crucifixion. At this point what they were attempting, they did not know that the 10-day cosmic crucifixion was awaiting them, which follows after the XXenogenesis thermonuclear fusion of the 2 enmity seeds.

After the one and only essential cosmic crucifixion, which I have successfully completed to become a Christ once again, no one else needs to undergo the crucifixion. It is not neces­sary, because once the immortal essence was fused permanently and irrevocably in me, then it is only a matter of transmitting the Christ seed, the fruit of the divine, to another potential Christ; as in the symbolical holy communion in the Christian Churches.

Apollonius was not involved with these people as related in the Machabees 6:11, because he was not born yet. In the ancient schools of wisdom, every man was in competition, as to who was going to be the first one to become the promised redeemer or the Christos, thus divine. Nevertheless they were getting close to the accomplishment.

Now ask yourself these questions. Why do you think Solomon, the brilliant man of wisdom, in his God consciousness ever came into possession of having his name in the Holy Bible, considering he engaged in love making with over 1,000 women? Why did he have so many women?

According to the foolish standards of present religions, who try to be the judgmental god, Solomon would be considered a stupendous sinner; ready for hell at any moments notice.

But, nevertheless, Solomon's name is in the Holy Bible, the great lover of many women and God, because he, like many other prophets of the Bible were attempting to become the promised redeemer, the Christos, the Christ.

In the past several thousands years, the Bible, the Book of Nuclear Physics has gone back and forth through Hell. By that I mean the Bible has gone through all kinds of distortions, mutilations, mistranslations from language to language, concoctions, you name it, it had it; unknowingly, knowingly, and mostly knowingly by the unenlightened man. Why?

Because the powers that were, muddled up the words, the truth of God to such a magnitude, that no mortal man has ever been able to unveil: The Truth of God to Man.

Because of such damaging abuse to the Holy Bible, all mankind till today are prisoners of ignorance! Prisoners of death! Prisoners of reincarnation!

What a senseless way to exist in the Lost Paradise of God? .... Don't you think so? ... Being a prisoner of poor mortal love ~~ unto carbon 666 death?

The mortal sexual love of man is detrimental, abnormal, wasteful, consuming, degenerative to man; because throughout his lifetime man robs God from his 12 pair of cranial nerves crown of life, the precious pearls of wisdom, to the point that at the end of his life, he himself severs the Silver Cord, the pipeline that feeds him the priceless super-substantial bread of everlasting life. What a shame that man does not know better. Improper sex is the killer in mankind!

Celibacy, being single, unmarried and the poor laws of mortal marriage are contrary to the divine nature of man and the universal laws of the Spirit of God creator source.

The one and only true marriage that is acceptable to God is the nuclear fusion marriage of the 2 enmity seeds, the soular matter and antimatter lunar seeds. All other marriages are counterfeit, and so are the vows of celibacy; meaningless to God.

Therefore, what God has brought forth together, the soular seeds and the lunar seed for the purpose of marriage, union, fusion in your mortal body, let no man burst them asunder through an orgasm or no orgasm at the time these 2 seeds are to be fused, united together in holy matrimony by the Spirit of God who is within you.

Warning!  Warning!  Warning!

At this point let me caution those to whom it may concern, thus give an emphatic, assertive Warning, to those who have perhaps read haphazardly or between lines, of how the super-substantial bread of everlasting life, the hidden manna of the body is to be transmitted from one potential Christ to another.

As long as the mortal man does not have the Christ essence from the original body of the Christ transmitted to another potential Christ, and another, and another, and another etc., to partake of it, your wrongful, abnormal sex episodes will be worthless, because you do not have the immortal Christ germ essence in your body chemistry to attain the immunity from death, thus the divinity.

Without the Christ seed of immortality, mortal man's seeds are at an enmity to each other, thus you will die again.

You must have the germ seeds of love to bridge - unite to the Spirit of God!

You must, and I repeat again and again! You must! have the Christ germ seed of love essence, the Immune Hormone Substance (IHS) from death in your body chemistry, from the Christ in order to become divine, thus gain entrance to the 4th Dimension

If the mortal man does not have the IHS while he is engaging in the abnormal sex, he will certainly degenerate his body chemistry until death do you part. Mortal sex is the killer - till death do you part.

Despite of this warning, because I know mankind, there will be those foolish ones who will think they know better. So be it! I gave you the warning, thus you will continue to die and reincarnate. My sympathies to those who will not listen.

Soon, man shall know everything, because, I will tell everything, from my actual experience, which is the best teacher. That is why I am prepared to take all of you to the Kingdom of God, that is not only within you, but also everywhere in the time, space, existence continuum, the infinity.

Luke 11:52. Woe unto you conventionalist. For you took away the key to the sacred knowledge, of how to overcome the enmity, conquer death and become the promised redeemer, the Christ. You have not entered yourself into the Kingdom of God that is within every woman and man, and those who were entering, you have hindered.

Thus the powers before the Christian period of time took away the key to the sacred knowledge. Because with their carnal minds, they were unable to understand, nor enter into the Kingdom of God that is within every being. 

Therefore if they could not find the key to the entrance of the Kingdom of God, why should you? So they confounded and confused and prostituted and removed the truth of God from the Tanakh and the Bible.

At this time let me say a few words on the behalf of the powers of the present religions. This is not entirely their fault that the falseness in now so prevalent amongst all religions of the world.

But it is also the fault of everyone who has supported and believed what the teachings of the religions are. Since man had no time to find the truth for himself, why would you want to blame someone else for your gullible errors?

I myself was a Catholic, in more ways than you can think of. I did many things so privately for the good of fellowman, that I didn't want anyone to know what I did. Also, since I was in business, my donations were very generous to the Catholic Church. They were so generous, that on several occasions I received an invitation to go to the IRS, to explain my generosity to the Catholic Church.

I have no regrets for everything I did. So I supported and loved them, because that was my understanding of the truth at that time. Later when I gradually learned about my errors, I reversed my thinking to the point that I left the Catholic Church in 1965.

I did not blame the Catholic Church for my not knowing better. I blamed myself, because I was and still am a mature person. And since I accept all my responsibilities (as everyone should) for my own actions and the right and wrong decision in life, why would I want to blame anyone else, for what? What is there to blame?

Incidentally, speaking of sex, in my life I had my pleasures of mortal sex with my wife Ujena to such a point that I didn't think there was a bottom to my orgasms. I was a prodigal son of God like everyone is. Consequently when I discovered through my awakening into the higher consciousness, whom do you think I blamed for my ignorance? Do you need some help with my answer? I was the prodigal son, who engaged in the abusive, degenerative sex, not the church nor anyone else.

It was many years later that I found out that there was one sin that Jesus never died on the cross for the sins of all mankind. So if Jesus didn't die for my 1st original sin, naturally he didn't die for all the other 1st original sins of all mankind.

At this moment, I urge everyone to get this correct right from the beginning of what this is all about.

The sex that mortal man presently knows about and thus engages in is "Abnormal! Unwholesome!"  the killer of life .... Why?

Because the "Degenerative Sex" leads every mortal being to death. Do you need instantaneous proof? 

Then ask yourselves: Am I going to die since I am mortal? And why do I have to die? What did I do to deserve to die?

Therefore, seXXenogenesis has nothing to do with any abnormal, degenerative sex. Yes "Degenerative Sex", which eventually causes man to die. Mortal improper sex is the killer of your life.

But seXXenogenesis has everything to do with, mystical pure love, regeneration, immunity from death and >>>

The following are excerpts from: The Aquarian Gospel >>>

The Aquarian Gospel 7:23. But purity in the mortal life men do not comprehend; and so, it, too, must come in flesh.
25. This Aquarian age will comprehend but little of the works of Purity and Love; but not a word is lost, for in the Book of God's Remembrance
, the atomic Akashic Records, a registry is made of every thought, and word, and deed.
26. And when the World is ready to receive the Truth of God, Lo! God will send a messenger to open up the Book of Life
for Immortal Life, the scroll, the books of the pathfinder Bible, and copy from its sacred pages all the messages of Purity and Love.

36:33. My Father God has sent me forth with all the bounties of his matchless love and boundless wealth.
34. To all the people of all lands, I must bear these gifts, this water and this bread of everlasting life
, the milk and honey manna.

68:11. Men call me the Christ, and God has recognized the name; but the Christ is not a man. The Christ is universal love, and love is King, the master of love.
13. Look not upon the flesh; it is not king. Look to the Christ within you, who shall be formed in every one of you, as the Christ
essence is formed in me. The Sanskrit word Christos, Christ is crystal clear, pure divine nuclear light energy manifested in man.

40:17. In every part from head to foot are candles, the carbon 666 atoms all in place, just waiting to be lighted by the flaming torch of seXXenogenesis love.
18. And when you will see the candles all aflame, just look, and you will see with eyes of the soul, the waters of the fount of wisdom rushing on, and you may drink, and there abide.
19. And then the curtains part, and you are in the Holiest of All, where rests the Ark of God, whose covering is the Mercy Seat.
20. Fear not to lift the sacred board; the Tables of the Law are in the Ark concealed.
21. Take them and read them well; for they contain all precepts and commands that men will ever need.
22. And in the Ark, the magic wand of prophecy lies waiting for your hand; it is the key to all the hidden meanings of the present, future, past.
23. And then behold! the
milk and honey manna there, the hidden bread of everlasting life; and he who eats of it shall never die.
24. The cherubim have guarded well for every soul this treasure box, and whosoever will, may enter in and find his own. 

81.9. The Christ said to the woman had you but known the blessings that our Father-God has sent to men by me, you would have asked me for a drink.
10. And I would have gladly given you water from the Fount of Life.
11. The woman said: This well is deep, and you have naught with which to draw; how could you get the water that you speak about?
12. And the Christ said: The water that I speak about comes not from Jacob's well; it flows from springs that never fail.
13. Lo, every one who drinks from the Jacob's well will thirst again; but they who shall drink the water that I will give, shall never thirst again.
14. For they themselves shall become a well, and from their inner parts
of the body the sparkling waters bubble up into eternal life.
15. The woman said, Sir, I would drink from
that rich well of life. Give me to drink, that I may thirst no more.
16. And the Christ said: Go call your husband from the town that he may share with you this living cup.

79:18. But they who do not trust the Christ, and will not purify their hearts so that the Christ germ seed substance, the milk and honey manna can dwell within, can never enter the immortal, everlasting life.

125:8. Seek not the food that perishes, but seek the food that feeds the soul; and lo, I bring you food from heaven.
9. You ate the flesh of fish, and you were satisfied, and now I bring you the flesh of the Christ for you to eat that you may live forevermore.
10. Our fathers ate the manna in the wilderness; and ate the flesh of quail, and drank the waters of a flowing spring that Moses brought from the rock; but all of them are dead.
11. The manna and the quail were symbols of the flesh of the Christ; the waters of the rock were symbols of the blood.
12. But lo, the Christ has come in man; he is the bread of life that God has given to the world.
13. Whoever eats the flesh of the Christ and drinks his blood shall never die; and he will hunger nevermore; and he will thirst no more.
14. And they who eat this bread of heaven, and drink these waters from the spring of life cannot be lost; these feed the soul, and purify the life.
15. Behold! For God has said: When man has purified himself I will exalt him to the throne of power.
20. The Christ is everlasting life; he came from heaven; he has the keys of heaven, and no man can enter into heaven except he fills himself with the Christ
essence, the Immune Hormone Substance.
21. I came in flesh to do the will of God, and lo, this flesh and blood are filled with the Christ; and so I am the living bread that comes from heaven.
22. And when you eat this flesh and drink this blood you will have everlasting life; and if you will, you may become the bread of life
when mankind shall partake in the exchanging, changing and the interchanging of the RNA DNA Christ germ seed substance.
23. And many of the people were enraged; they said: How can this man give us his flesh to eat, his blood to drink?
24 And his disciples were aggrieved because he said these things, and many turned away and followed him no more.
25. They said: this is a fearful thing for him to say. If you eat not my flesh and drink my blood, you cannot enter into everlasting life.
26. They could not comprehend the parables he spoke.
27. And the Christ said: You stumble and you fall before the Truth. What will you do when you shall see this flesh and blood transmuted into higher form
, higher frequency of the 4th Dimension, the City of 4 Square.
28 What will you say when you shall see the son of man ascending on the clouds of heaven?

134:2. The Christ said: Whoever is athirst may come to me and drink.
3. He who believes in me and in the Christ, whom God has sent, may drink the cup of life, and from his inner parts of his body shall streams of living waters flow.
4 And then the Holy Breath will over­shadow him, and he will breathe the Breath, and speak the words, and live the immortal life.

155:14. The Christ said: Here in this plane of life men marry just to gratify their selfish selves, or to perpetuate the race. But in the world that is to come of the 4th Dimen­sion, and in the resurrection day, men do not take upon themselves the marriage vows. 
15. But, like the angels and all the other sons
of God, they form not unions for the pleasure of the self, nor to perpetuate the race
, but they form unions to exchange, change and interchange the divine nuclear energy with one another on the universal ring of wonder. 
16. Death does not mean the end of life. The grave is not the goal of men, no more than is the earth the goal of seeds
, an expression for wasting the priceless sexual seeds of life.

160:37. The Christ took a loaf of bread and said: This loaf is the symbol of my body, and the bread is the symbol of the bread of life.
39. And as you eat this bread, so shall you eat the bread of life, and never die.
40. Then he took the cup of wine and said: Life is in the blood; this is the life-blood of the grape. It is the symbol of the life of him who gives his life to men.
41. And as you drink this wine, so shall you drink the life of the Christ.
42. And then he drank and passed the cup, and the disciples drank, and the Christ said: This is the feast of life, the great Passover of the son of man, the Supper of the Lord.

178.36 In flesh of man there is the essence for the resurrection of the dead. This essence, quickened by the Holy Breath, will raise the substance of the body to a higher tone of the 4th Dimension.
37. And make it like the substance of the bodies of the planes above, which human eyes cannot behold
¸ the nuclear light energy body.
42. In this we have the chemistry of mortal life, the ministry of death, the mystery of deific life.

From the ancient times, the meaning of the word manna is: father-son-mother nature; the creative principles of father-son-mother nature, which is the everlasting water of life containing the seeds of immortal life, the staff of life, the milk and honey manna, the bread of immortal everlasting life.

The word manna is synonymous to the Christ substance that will manifest in every woman and man after the atomic enmity shall be overcome.

The Mystery Of The  Nucleic Acids?  The RNA DNA

Nucleic Acids are extremely complex molecules produced by the living cells. The names come from their initial isolation from the nuclei of living cells. The two classes of Nucleic Acids are the Ribonucleic Acids [RNA] and the Deoxyribonucleic Acids [DNA].

All living cells embody and contain the genetic material of the RNA DNA.

When XXenogenesis occurs, there is a specific RNA that has a slightly different function from that of DNA. These XXenogenesis Christ germ seeds or cells' RNA reproduce by forcing the host cells to produce more germ seeds for reproduction. 

The new germ seeds in-turn inject its own XXenogenesis RNA into the host cell, and the host cell obeys the code of the newest incoming XXenogenesis RNA, rather than that of its own. Thus the cell produces the substance, that are in fact, XXenogenesis Christ germ seeds.

The parent host cell is then overpowered and destroyed by the newly form XXenogenesis Christ germ seeds, and are now free to inject their RNA into other germ cells that become the new memory XXenogenesis parents or host cells. 

This is exactly what transpires when the RNA DNA XXenogenesis Christ germ seeds of immortality are transmitted from the 1st original Christ then into another and another and another potential Christ.

Here is the analogy of the RNA DNA Christ's milk and honey manna bread of immortality.

I bake my own delicious sour dough bread from a culture, which I developed many years ago. The germ seeds came from the airborne bacteria. It is the same germ seed culture, same bacteria that makes my bread rise. I keep the culture alive and healthy in the refrigerator, and have used the same culture for many years.

To feed and extend the culture, I just add more flour and water, mix it, cover it with a cloth and refrigerate it.

I make my luscious sour dough bread from spelt, rye, kamut or any other whole grains. I grind my own grains into flour, add natural raw honey or natural molasses (from a Health Food store), few grains of natural salt, water and a culture of the germ seed bacteria.

All I need to have my bread rise is a very small amount of the bacterial germ seed culture, which I add to the potential bread.

The function of the germ seeds (like the RNA DNA) is of transmitting or passing heredity characteristics from one generation to the next, thus this triggers the manufacturing and replication of identical bacteria as they multiply in astronomical numbers; to have my bread rise.

After I mix all the ingredients, I cover it. In a matter of overnight hours my bread rises, due to the cultured bacteria; ready to bake.

The making of my delectable sour dough bread is equivalent to the action and reaction of the RNA DNA Christ germ seeds of immortality, when they are transmitted or passed on from my biological chemistry of the Christ to another and another and another potential Christ. And now >>>

The Secret Formula For The Jewish
Unleavened Bread

In the ancient Orders of the High Jewish Priests, the Highly Treasured Secret was withheld from all the Jewish people. This great secret concerned the formula for the Unleavened Bread. 

In the unleavened bread, no bacterial culture was used in the making of the bread, as it would contaminate the other ingredient that was used. And what was the other secret ingredient?

Instead of the bacterial culture, the High Jewish Priest would release his procreative seeds into the mixture of the unleavened bread. The reason: because being a High Priest, he thought he was something special with God or Yahweh, so his seeds were sacred God. Thus, this is the very highly treasured secret for the unleavened bread.

None of Jewish people know this secret for it was the secret from the ancient times; passed on only to the Highest Order of the Jewish Priest.

Incidentally, since the Jewish Priest did not know that his procreative seeds contained the atomic enmity in his sperm seeds (the "Mellits"), they were the same as those of any other mortal man.

Furthermore, concerning the RNA DNA Christ germ seeds of immortality, you cannot bake them, air or freeze dry them, bottle them, put them in a capsule or whatever way man will try to market them. Why?

Because they will serve no purpose nor benefit any man; for that is the immutable law of nuclear physics.

And here is the law of nuclear physics: You must have all of the 144 atomic elements, the 144 cubits present to be effective. Please examine the Periodic Table of the 144 atomic elements in the Book of, Immortality Through XXenogenesis, before Science spends billions of your tax dollars on the unsuccessful research.

Why unsuccessful research? Because how will Science be able to contain and prevent the loss of the gaseous elements that are, and must be present in the Christ germ seeds of immortality?

The gaseous atomic elements I am referring to are: Hydrogen, Helium, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Florine, Neon, Chlorine, Argon, Radon, Krypton, Xenon and a lot of the Unknown Elements. Ah! even the famous Krypton from the Superman's Planet is in the Christ seed, also the Xenon from XXenogenesis. 

But above all every woman and man should know this: The IHS - the Immune Hormone Substance from the body of the Christ is not for sale, at any price. Because it is >>>


And Now Behold! The Flesh And Blood!

The RNA DNA Genetic Factors Within The Mortal Ovum And Sperm Seeds And The Immortal Christ Seeds.

Stop here for a moment and contemplate, how miraculous, how precious and priceless are the ovum and sperm seeds?

The ovum and sperm seeds are the essence produced by the mortal body.

Just think within the miracle of life of the microcosm ovum and sperm seeds, the divinity of the Spirit of God is present. And because of the sextuple atomic principles, you came to be.

Within the mortal procreative ovum and sperm seeds of life, there are the original God's parental genetic factors, the essence of, "Flesh and Blood", the color of skin, hair, eyes, the RNA DNA, the blood and all the other heredity factors.

For each woman and man was created in the same image, likeness and love as the creator Spirit of God; which possess the original RNA DNA compound of memory.

The RNA DNA compound of all living cells carries the genetic blueprint, the information in the cell memory and is capable of self-replication and synthesis.

Within the RNA DNA there is also the memory when you were perfect, immortal, divine, created from no beginning nor end. And because this is within your RNA DNA memory, all one has to do now is to activate it, by partaking of it, thus bring back the memory of the divine immortality.

According to the present Science, there is a shrouded mystery connected with some of the RNA DNA, which Science refers to as the "Junk RNA DNA". What an inappropriate name. The more suitable name is, "The Divine RNA DNA Memory ".

There are hundreds of categories of the divine RNA DNA memory, which no scientist has been able to figure out what they are for.

Presently, mankind uses only 33% or less of his brainpower. What about the untapped portion of the brain? the other 67% which is the doorway to the higher state of divine perfection, the cosmic, God Christ consciousness. The RNA DNA memory is for that purpose.

Consequently, because of the original nuclear transgression, the 1st original sin, which caused the enmity, the mortal beings do not know how to gain access to the divine RNA DNA memory compound and thus do not remember that >>

From within the universal cosmic egg, the nucleus of the divine omnipresent atoms all life and creation comes forth, for it is the father-son-mother nature of God principles, the Holy Trinity of God.

For without the omnipotent, omnipresent divine atoms there would be no thing, not even a void, neither the precious, magnificent, priceless you! Yes no thing, nothing!

Furthermore, within the wonderful miracle of everlasting life, the immortal milk and honey manna, the super-substantial bread of life, the Immune Hormone Substance from the body of the present Christ, there is the XXenogenesis RNA DNA memory, for the regeneration, re-perfection, resurrection from the mortal to the immortal life.

And this must be accomplished while man is still alive. For God is not the God of the dead but of the living, for all must be alive to know him and to love him.

Presently, the mystical RNA DNA XXenogenesis code substance that is now in the body of the Christ, in the Flesh and Blood, is the meaning of the coming of the Christ; which the world is expecting.

Please lock the following key words into your computer mind now!

The Coming Of The Christ Is In The RNA DNA
Flesh And Blood Of The Christ

John 6:27. The Christ said: Do not labor for the food that perishes, but for the food, which endures unto life everlasting, which the Son of Man shall give you from his body of the Christ. For upon him the Father God has set his seal.
33. For the
milk and honey manna bread of God is that which comes down from heaven from the universe, the Milky Way through the Silver Cord and gives life to every man.
34. They said to him, Lord, give us this bread always.
35. And the Christ said: I am the bread of life that is manifested in me. He who comes to me shall never hunger, and he who believes in me what I am telling you, and does the will of the Father shall never thirst.
36. But I have said to you again and again, you have seen me, and you know me, and yet you do not believe what I am telling you.
The father-son-mother nature is the creator nuclear energy light.
37. All that the Father gives me, comes through me
, through the RNA DNA biological chemistry, through my body of the Christ, and he who will come to me, and partake of the Christ germ essence, I will not cast out.
38. For the Christ
, the super-substantial bread of life, the milk and honey manna has come down from heaven into me, not to do my own will, but to do the will of him who sent me.
39. Now this is the will of him who sent me, the Father, that I should not put aside the bread of life that he has given me, but that I should raise it up at the last day
, a metaphor, saying, the bread of life that is fused in the Christ should be used for the resurrection of mankind, from the mortal to immortal life.
40. For this is the will of my Father who sent me, that whoever beholds the Son
, partakes of the milk and honey manna, the bread of life from the body of the Christ, and believes in him, shall have everlasting life, and I the I am that I am, the omnipresent Spirit of God, who is within all mankind will raise him up on the last day of the mortal life.
48. I am the
RNA DNA bread of Life.
49. Your fathers ate the manna in the desert, and yet all of them died.
50. But the
milk and honey manna bread that comes down from heaven from the Milky Way of life, through the Silver Cord, through me is for all mankind, so that if anyone eats of this, he shall not die.
51. I am the living bread that has come down from heaven.
52. If anyone will eat of this
divine RNA DNA memory manna bread from me, he shall live forever; and the bread that I will give is my flesh and blood for the life of the world, for the XXenogenesis regeneration, transformation and resur­rec­tion of mankind from the mortal to the immortal life.
53. And those who heard this, argued with one another saying, How can this man give us his flesh and blood to eat?
54. The Christ said to them. Amen! Amen! 
Meaning, So be it! So be it! I say to you, unless you eat my flesh of the Son of man and drink my blood, the XXenogenesis RNA DNA Christ substance that is now fused in my body of the Christ you shall not have life in you, the life of divine immortal perfection.
55. But, he who shall eat my flesh and drink my blood, shall have life everlasting, and I
the RNA DNA Christ substance when transmitted to another potential Christ will raise him up on the last day of his mortal life.
56. For my flesh is food indeed, and my blood is drink indeed.
57. He who eats of my flesh and drinks my blood, I will abide in him and he in me.
Then we shall all become the one body of the Christ, the one Spirit of God universal mind.
58. Just as the living Father has sent me, and I live because of the Father, so whoever eats from me, he also shall live because of me.
59. This is the
super-substantial bread that comes from heaven; it is not like the manna which your forefathers ate and died. He who eats this bread that I shall give him, shall live forever.
61. Many of his disciples who heard this said: This is a hard saying. Who can listen to it?

62. But the Christ knowing in himself that his disciples were murmuring at this, said to them: Does this scandalize you?

64. It is the Spirit
, the spiraling, whirling divine nuclear energy in the milk and honey manna that gives eternal life. The body by itself does not give everlasting life. The words that I have spoken to you concern the Spirit and eternal immortal life.
66. The Christ said: This is why I have said to you: No one can come to me unless he is enabled to do so by my Father.
67. Just because of this saying a great many of his disciples turned away and no longer went with him.

Now that you know a little bit concerning the ultra top secret of the universe, the mystery of life and death, that has been treasured, guarded and preserved for billions of years, will you also leave me and pursue some other fantasia way, to enter the Kingdom of God? Now is the time to shed the Fantasia Syndrome that pervades the social consciousness of mankind. 

Which of you shall also reject me now? and the RNA DNA Christ germ seed substance of immortality? thus become an additional power to the huge conglomerate antichrist?

John 7:12. And there was much whispered comment among the people concerning his teachings. For some said: He is a good man. But others said: No, rather he seduces the crowd to sexual involvement, to engage in pure seXXenogenesis.
37. The Christ said: If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.
38. He who believes in me, just as the Scriptures have said, the rivers of living water shall flow from within him.
Please stop for a moment and think. Do you know now where the river of life flows from every woman and man?

When the divine RNA DNA memory Christ germ seed essence is transmitted from my presence to another organism of the potential Christ, the divine RNA DNA memory will in turn signal and trigger the cells to reproduce a duplicate of itself, by the action and reaction of XXenogenesis.

XXenogenesis is:

Spontaneous regeneration and transfiguration of the RNA DNA generations, thus the unique production of an organism that is altogether and permanently unlike the parent.

And each of you can be the parent, the alchemist within your atomic magnificent, priceless physical-spiritual body; the mystical union with your divinity.

Pure Love and XXenogenesis shall unlock priceless treasures, and bring an intimate link with the divine creator and the universal mind.

Since I have fused the antimatter Christ lunar germ seeds of immortality to the mortal soul-ar seeds in my body, the divine RNA DNA memory quintessence is now locked in perma­nently, forever and ever and ever.

1 Peter 1:23. For you can be reborn again, not from the corruptible seed, the united ovum and sperm seed, but from the incorruptible seed, the Christ lunar germ seed of immortality, which lives and abides forever.

Apocalypse 2:7. He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says: To him who overcomes the enmity, I will permit to eat from the tree of life, which is in the kingdom of God and each of you is a tree of life.
17. To him who conquers
the enmity and 1st death, I will give to eat the hidden milk and honey manna, referring to the ability of exchanging, changing and interchanging the divine nuclear energy from one Christ to another, as it relates to going unto the City of 4 Square, the 4th Dimension, and I will give him a white stone an insignia of purity, the unadulterated immacu­late carbon diamond philosopher's stone, the pineal gland, the seat of the soul, and upon this white stone a new name written, Christ and your name, which no one knows except he who receives it.

Luke 20:34. The Christ said: The children of this world now marry and are given unto marriage.
35. But those self-elect who shall be accounted
worthy of the world that is to come
, the 4th Dimension, and of the resurrection from the living dead, neither will they marry nor put away their wives, the bride lunar Christ germ seeds.
36. For they cannot die again
and reincarnate, when you shall become immortal, di­vine, because they are equal to the angels, and are therefore Sons of God, being Sons of Resurrection.
37. Now concerning the resurrection of the
living dead, from 1st death not from a dead corpse, even the fabled Moses pointed it out in the passage of the flaming bush, saying: I am that I am .....
38. And I am not the God of the dead
constantly dying and reincarnating peo­ple, but I am the God of the living people; for all must live, be very much alive to know him and to love him.

Matthew 22:29. The Christ said: You all err because you do not understand the Scriptures nor the power of the omnipo­tent Spirit of God creator source that is present within the divinity of the atoms, and in the RNA DNA and cells of your body.
30. For at the time of the resurrection of the
living dead, they, the self-elect will neither marry nor be given unto counterfeit marriage, but they will be as angels of God in heaven eternally engaged in the veneration, the worship of God in one another, so as to be constantly exalted and perfected even as the heavenly Father is constantly exalted and perfected in Nuclear Evolution.

The Aquarian Gospel 155:14. The Christ said: Here in this plane of life men marry just to gratify their selfish selves, or to perpetuate the race. But in the world that is to come of the 4th Dimension, the City of 4 Square, and in the resurrection day, men do not take upon themselves the marriage wows.
15. But, like the angels and other Sons of God, they form not unions for the pleasures of the self, nor to perpetuate the race
, but they form unions for the veneration and the worship of the Spirit of God essence in one another.

I speak a mystery that now you cannot fully understand nor appreciate yet. But now that I am here with you, I no longer will speak to you in parables, because the time is very short.

So I am speaking to you as plainly as I can. So be patient, and listen, and read, and understand, what is now before you, and you shall do well.

Now that I am here with you once again, my compassion and limitless love is for all mankind. Therefore, my desire is for everyone on the planet earth to regain your original divine perfection, thus enter the 4th Dimension and beyond.

Sooner or later, every mortal being shall conquer death. So why not sooner? Like now! Especially, since I am here with you now. This is your rightful heritage, to become the one body of the Christ, The one divine totality of God.

Wisdom 2:23. For the Spirit of God formed man to be imperishable. In the image of his own nature God made man immortal, perfect, androgynous, male and female in one body, the crystal clear nuclear energy light.
24. But by the envy of the devil
, devil when spelled in reverse is lived, the past tense of being alive, dead, consequently death entered the world, and you who are in its possession, experience it and still pursue it.

1 Corinthians 3:11. For no man can lay a different foundation other than that which is already laid by the trinity of God, the father-son-mother natural God principles, the immutable laws of nuclear physics, which govern the procedure for the nuclear fusion of the 2 enmity seeds, which is the Christ germ seed essence of immortality, whereby through it, mortal man shall reunite to his original state of divinity. Currently the obstacle to the divine restoration is the carbon 666 subatomic death.

Again and again I must repeat, the ancient sacred knowledge of XXenogenesis unveiled is very extensive, radiant, exquisite, enlightening, and all the rest of the wonderful adjectives that are in all the languages of the world.

Apocalypse 1:1. The disclosure for the perfection of the Christos, which God gave to know, must be attained by humanity.
3. Immortal will he be who shall discern and they who shall learn from him
, the Christ upon his coming again the secrets of this teaching, the uncorrupted sacred knowledge of XXenogenesis Unveiled, hence observe the precepts which are written in it; for the time is at hand.

Apocalypse 19:9. Immortal will they be who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb. And again he said to me, this sacred knowledge of XXenogenesis unveiled is true and are the words of God.

Apocalypse 20:6. Immortal and holy will he be who shall have part in the resurrection from the first death! Over these the second death shall have no power.

The resurrection from the 1st death can only be accomplished when you are alive. As to the 2nd death when you are a dead corpse, it is impossible.

Matthew 5:48. You mankind when you shall become one with the divinity are to be constantly exalted and perfected even as your heavenly father is constantly exalted and perfected.

Now stop for a moment and contemplate these words, especially the word even. The word even tells you plainly that even the heavenly father is not perfect, because the father is constantly being perfected in the process of Nuclear Evolution. And how is the heavenly father, the Spirit of God, the nuclear energy constantly exalted and perfected? It is perfected and exalted by the constant exchanging, changing, interchanging the nuclear energy milk and honey manna, from one nucleus of a divine atom to another, another, etc.

The above words are imparting knowledge upon you that no one has ever seen, nor ever will see the invisible omnipresent, omnipotent Spirit of God. Therefore the Spirit of God, the creator source is not some kind of a supernormal being, for it is the spiralling, spiritual, whirling, vibrating, scintillating, pulsating to and fro pulsar nuclear light energy, the milk and honey manna of the Milky Way.

In order to comprehend, decipher, and teach the sacred knowledge intelligently, truthfully, one must step out of his mortal consciousness, thus listen to the Spirit of God who speaks to you, to your divine soul. The literal understanding and teaching of the Tanakh, Bible, Koran, Vedanta is not the way man will ever attain his divine perfection, for the key to the sacred knowledge was heavily veiled and coded for a purpose. Why? So man would not destroy himself until he came to the realization of what awesome omnipotent power lies in the divinity of the omnipresent atoms, the Spirit of God. No mortal man has ever unveiled me.

Speaking of perfection, there is nothing that is ever perfect, for everything is always in the state of constant change, nuclear evolution, perfection, for that is the way everything Is, the Grand Isness, the father-son-mother nature God principles, the Holy Trinity, which is governed by the E=MC2 law of conservation, preservation, conversion, re-compensation, recycling, reincarnation of the Spirit of God, the Magnificent, Majestic Isness! Or in other words, Omnia mutantur nos et mutamur in illis: All things are changing constantly, and we are changing with them.

Apocalypse 21:4. And the Spirit of God shall wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, nor pain; for the former things will have passed away.
8. But as for the cowardly and unbelieving, and abominable and murderers, and fornicators and sorcerers, and idolaters and all liars, their portion shall be in the pool that burns with fire and brimstone
, the bottomless pit, the nuclear reactor within the nucleus of every carbon 666 atom of the body, which is the second death.

Yes, 2nd death. Please don’t be a coward, unbeliever, idolater, lazy, idler, liar, a falsifier of truth, antichrist, one opposite, anti against the truth and the Christ, etc.

Apocalypse 22:12. Behold! I, the invincible Christ am coming speedily! And my reward is with me, to render to each one according to your works.
13. I am the Alpha and the Omega who has no beginning nor end, the origin and the
constant perfection.
14. Immortal will those be who shall wash their garments
, Do you know how to wash your garment from the defilement of the 1st original sin? And why?, so that they may have the right to the tree of life, and that they may enter by the gateways into the city of 4 square. Presently you, as a mortal man, you do not have the privilege to eat the milk and honey manna from the tree of life.
15. Outside of the city are the dogs, and the sorcerers, and the prostitutes, and murderers, and phantom servers, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.
You don't want to be one of those, do you?
16. I the Christos have sent my divinity to give evidence to you of these works
, of how to become one of the Christs. I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright morning star, the sun, the nuclear energy as of the sun, for the father and I are one and the same, the divine nuclear energy light.
17. And the Spirit of God and the bride are saying, Come! And let him who hears, Come! And let him who thirsts, Come! And he who desires, let him receive the water of life freely as a gift
, the RNA DNA Christ  germ seed essence from the present Christos.
18. And I will give evidence to everyone who
hears the key to the sacred knowledge of this book, and I am giving a warning that if any one shall add forgeries to this book, God will add unto him the plagues, which are written in this book.
19. And if anyone shall take away any words
from the sacred knowledge of this book, God
, the God who is within you will take away his portion from the tree of life, and from the holy city, and from things that are written in this book.
20. He who is giving you the evidence of these things is saying, verily it is true. I am coming speedily! Amen! Come!

Master Christos

May the grace of the Master Christos be with all.  Amen.  (So be it.)

The Book of the Apocalypse commonly called Revelation, is not a treatise of prophecies, but is a textbook of sacred knowledge.

The word Apocalypse means: Disrobing or Unveiling. From the Egyptian Mythology, Isis was an Egyptian goddess, who was portrayed nude with a thin scarlet veil over her. The words that were inscribed upon her temples were, I am that I am, Isis. I am all that has been, that is or shall be. No mortal man has ever unveiled me. Unveiled who and what? >>

Isis, the most perfect, beautiful unison of God, the androgyne, possessing a male and female presence in one body. Also unveiled XXenogenesis, the mystery of life or death, which is the key to the sacred knowledge of how the mortal man is to restore himself to his inceptive state, the way he was originally created, divine, perfect, immortal, without sickness nor death; thus reunite himself to his original divinity, the Christ, the Christos, the crystal clear nuclear energy light.

The name of Revelation is inappropriately used, and therefore is not the Book of Revelation, but Apocalypse; rendered otherwise: XXenogenesis Unveiled. 

Please reread the above Apocalypse 22 again and again, until you shall know who truly wrote the Apocalypse; specifically verse 16 and 20, the author's closing signature and the ancient PS.

And for those who perhaps by now do not know or did not come to the conclusion of who I am?  I am that I am, the coming of the Christ for this Aquarian Age.

Why? Because in all the billions of years no one decoded or deciphered the complete ultra top secrets of the universe; which is, take all of humanity to the Father's house, the City of 4 Square, the 4th Di­mension and beyond, to the infinity, to the one and only universal divine God of all creation!  Alleluja! Alleluja! Alleluja! Christus is here! No mortal man has ever unveiled me!

Apocalypse-Revelation 5:2. And I saw a divinity proclaiming with a loud voice: Who is worthy to open and decipher the scroll and access the seven seals? The scroll refers to the uncorrupted truth, the sacred knowledge; the pathfinder Bible, which discloses the ancient secret mystery of life and death through XXenogenesis Unveiled. Access the 7 seals means: To open the 7 chakras in man.
3. And no one in heaven, or on earth, or under the earth, was able to open the scroll and access the seven seals.
Meaning: No one in heaven, referring to all of the divine beings who did not fall from their divinity, nor none of the spiritual teachers who do not have a mortal body, who are being channeled by the mortals, nor none of the other extraterrestrial beings who are not of this world, were able to decipher and open the scroll. And there are trillions of these beings in the so-called heaven, the Milky Way existing throughout the Star Systems.
Furthermore, no one on earth from the 6 plus billion people that are on earth, were able to decode the scriptures, which contain the secrets of immortality, the mystery of life and death.
Also, no one under the earth, in the world of the dead, the Sheol was able to break the code and decrypt the sacred knowledge, how to overcome the atomic enmity between the 2 seeds, conquer death, and become the promised redeemer from death, the Christ, the Christos of crystal clear pure nuclear energy.
4. And I wept much, because no one was found worthy to open the scroll and access the seven seals.
5. And one of the elders said to me, do not weep: Behold! The lion of the Tribe Judah
, a Capricorn, the root of David, the son of light, the 1st Christ for this present time has conquered the enmity and the 1st original sin through XXenogenesis to open the scroll, the one and only truth, the sacred knowledge and access the seven seals, the 7 chakras in mortal man. It is for this reason this individual required a mortal body to use it as a laboratory, as a restoration facility to accomplish the XXenogenesis spontaneous regeneration and transformation of the RNA DNA generations, thus the unique production of an organism that is altogether and permanently unlike the parent. Consequently the resurrection from the 1st death and become the 1st Christ for this time. What you are now reading is from my experience, which is the best teacher.
9. And they sang a new song with words of: Worthy are thou who has taken the scroll and opened the seals, for thou was the living dead living amongst the living dead, and yet you have redeemed us for God with thy flesh and blood, the RNA DNA Christ germ seed essence out of every tribe, tongue, nation and people, meaning, from the diversity of the 12 RNA DNA essences that is amongst the people born under the influence of the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac, and has therefore made them for our God, a kingdom who shall reign over the earth.

In the above words, it is stated very plainly, that no one in heaven, or on earth, or under the earth had the key to the uncorrupted sacred knowledge; except this specific mortal man who became the 1st Christ at this present coming. Also know this, there is no other way humanity can gain entrance to their divinity, except through XXenogenesis.

Apocalypse  10:11. You the Christ at this present coming must teach again in great opposition the universal truth of God, that shall devastate all falsehood and at the same time be provocative and very alarm­ingly shocking to all the nations, peoples, tongues, rulers of every kind, and the kings.

Apocalypse  6:17. For the great day of his, the Christ's passion has come, and who will be able to endure the truth that I am going to reveal and teach mankind? Will you?

So now you know what the Passion of the Christ is! I am so passionately in love with the Truth of God and Mankind, that I had to come to correct your errors concerning the God in Man and the Universe. 

My Love and Peace To All Mankind

Limitless Love

The Awesome! Very Much Unknown Ancient Sacred Knowledge! Is

Authentic!  Intriguing!  Captivating! Real!  Involved! Prompting!

 It Concerns Every Person On Earth!

Regardless Who You Are!

Let Us Accomplish This Peacefully

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If you know me, please don't be a Judas and betray me. Also if you value the planet earth, all mankind and you in it, surely you will not betray me. And when I am ready, I shall reveal myself to the universe through the medium of Nuclear Evolution as the Christos, the coming of the Christ.

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