XXenogenesis - Christos- Nostradamus
Book 4 ~~ 1


XXenogenesis - Christos - Nostradamus

Book 4

Fides et Intrepida : Loyal and Fearless
    Pastor de Angelicus: Shepherd of the Angels
     Pastor de Nauta: Shepherd of the Sea
        Flos Florum: Flower of Flowers

           De Medietate Lunae: Of the Concern of the Moon

           De Labore Solis: Of the Labor of the Sun
            De Gloria Olivae: Of the Glory of the Olive

De Gloria Olivae
- Heaven Shall Burn At 450 - C 6 Q 97

 Peace reigns today. It is the peace of death in the mortal man. Peace follows strife. I come to slay this peace of death in humanity. The prince of peace must first be the prince of strife. This leaven of truth, the Sacred Knowledge of XXenogenesis, which I have now brought to all mankind, will stir the
demons up, and nations, cities, families, peoples will be at war.


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